Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Youth Of Today, Idiots Of Tomorrow

The above picture is heart-warming, but I just don't like children. Never have, and probably never will.

However, if you're about to jump out of you chair and call me heartless, vicious, or even accuse me of begin dead on the inside (which I take as a compliment), allow me to turn the tables on you. Why are you not questioning the logistics of the picture above? Where are the parents of this child? Is he even old enough to be introduced to solid foods? Has that water-melon been treated with pesticides? Is it safe to eat? *Insert wry smile*


Moral of the lesson: question and judge your own damn self before playing judge and jury to those around you.

Always aiming to infuriate,



Anonymous said...

there should be an 'I Disagree' vote box

Anonymous said...

care to further explain?


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