Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tea Time

It's Thursday, which means several things:
  1. I am exhausted, for no reason other than it being Thursday
  2. I am bored, and unsatisfied with how another precious week of summer went by
  3. I've been having these...thoughts.
Yes, you guessed correctly; today is our first official "Thursday Thoughts" following our newer (and dare I say cooler?) scheduling. Don't get me wrong, myself and Obsessco are thrilled we have a few more readers and (always welcome) guests, but I've been finding it difficult to become excited over anything these days. Which would have meant nothing to blog about for today, except that I've stumbled upon a small reason to get excited again: Tea.
Specifically, a homemade mixture of red and green tea leaves, brought to a simmer in a delicate china teapot, served in an equally delicate china teacup. I know you're thinking that as a Kuwaiti I should have been drinking tea from the time I could crawl, but alas I never felt the sway tea seemed to have over so many Kuwaiti's, Middle-Easterners and Brits. Something shifted within me, and Sunday morning I made a pot for myself....and I have been loving it ever since. My only qualm is that I have discovered my love for this old favorite in one of the hottest summer spots in the world. Just my luck.

Off to capture a leprechaun (for luck, gold or an itty-bitty suit...who knows?),


PS - Let me know what you have been loving lately. Is it something you're familiar with or something completely new?


Anonymous said...

haha cute picture!

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