Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Media Monday...Take One

Apologies for the tardy behavior in regards to our new scheduling, but it appears that Blogger and Twitter ran off together yesterday in what I can only imagine was a bout of rebellion. This grievance caused varying degrees of frustration and boredom for yours truly. What with both Blogger and Twitter not working, I was left with nothing to do but aimlessly roam YouTube. While browsing through some of my "vintage" favorites (Just typing that makes me feel old), I came across this song, an undeniable classic.
Stan is a song by Eminem that I dug up from the days when his music was, you know, actually worth listening to. A gritty ballad recounting how one fan's obsession unfolds into the disparaging demise of several lives, this performance of Stan really captured the raw emotion that Eminem was known for in his earlier work. This intensity was the trait that set him apart from so many, and bestowed upon him the street cred that ultimately allowed for his place in Hip Hop history.

Off to trek 8 miles towards a kingdom of nostalgia,


PS - Comment and let me know what some of your favorite songs/performances are and why they stand out to you.


ShoSho said...

I know what you mean by music worth listening to .. Actually I stopped listening to music now o I don't even know the new artists :/

Anonymous said...

I like listen to the new stuff at parties and such, but as far as quality goes, everything has gone down the drain. I just stick to rock from the 70's and 80's.


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. The only person I still listen to is Lady Gaga, and then rock from the 70's + 80's.

Anonymous said...


My typos do not take away from my awesomeness :P

Obsessco said...

"when im gone" and even though it's new "Beautiful" is pretty good too

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