Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story Tuesday: "MOMMY I BURNT UR SHOES"

Brace yourselves this is a long one..

Technically this isn't a "childhood/toy story" story since it happened last week but i still consider myself as a child so :)

Here it goes: last week i was completely and utterly B.O.R.E.D so i did what i usually do, i opened my "crafts cabinet" (its filled with art supplies that i randomly buy) and i decided to plaster something, my friend suggested i plaster a heel so thats what i did. BUT the trouble is i didnt have an old heel (with my clumsiness i rarely buy them) I asked my mother for one and i told her i would try my best not to ruin it.

So i followed the instructions and covered it with Vaseline first so when the plaster dries i can take it off easier and less messier. After i did one side i decided to put it in the microwave because the INSTRUCTIONS said it would dry faster. turns out leather+ microwave+ plaster = not good!

After smelling burnt/melted leather i pried the microwave open to see what went wrong (in my defense i left the kitchen for a couple of seconds) The heel was so hot i picked up and threw at the nearest counter. Between the smell and the little burnt part my survival instincts told me to hide the evidence and flee the scene of the crime. I tested the water by telling my mom what happened, when i saw her face, i laughed and said it was a joke (im a chicken dnt judge me!)

I finished plastering the heel and spent hours trying to hide the burned part, let me tell u smth heels are hard to plaster! when it dried (the natural way) i didnt know what to do with it now that its done. Untill i decided to collage it some of my friends liked others hated it, you decide :)
here's the real one, the one i made, and then the sides after collaging :

My mother's heel.

The one i made out of plaster.

Side A

Side B

The Back
The Interior (cut fabric from an old shirt)


Cheez_93 said...

i love it !!
it shows creativity, i would actually consider buying high heels that looked like that (if they where professionally made no offense ;p) but still it amazing and i love it ;D

Blue-Neck said...

ok, so how did you do that again? that's pretty cool, lol don't stop!

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