Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vintage LOLs

US Release Date: March , 2010
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Run Time: 94 minutes 

Despite all the World Cup madness, I set aside a couple of hours this weekend to watch Diary of A Wimpy Kid for Cinema Sunday. I originally saw the trailer for back in February, and noted it as something I might watch when the first signs of summer boredom would rear their ugly head. After checking out the hype, I am pleased to report that I have nothing short of a rave review. 
The plot is simple enough; Greg Heffley is an under grown seventh grader whose ambition often towers higher than his reach, literally. In an effort to try and make a name for himself in his new middle-school setting, Greg goes through one ridiculous plan after another, all in an attempts to be listed as a "Class Favorite" in the yearbook. Do I even need to mention that all of Greg's plans fail with miserable, and side-splitting, results? Didn't think so.

Jokes aside, I really enjoyed DOAWK because it's a hilarious reminder of just how cringe worthy middle-school is. Well, it was for me. If memory serves me right, I might even cop to having attempted a few of the schemes Greg and Rowely (his pudgy best friend) attempt. Don't be surprised to find yourself laughing out loud several times at the many familiar scenarios Greg and Rowley encounter. The producers got the casting down to a science with this one, because every actor fits their role perfectly. From the gross kid to the depressed teacher, everyone manages to shine in DOAWK. Not an easy feat in Hollywood....**Cough**Valentine's Day**Cough**

Worthy of an honorable mention is the insanely talented Chloe Moretz, better known as "Hit Girl" from another personal favorite,  Kick Ass. Chloe stars as "Angie Steadman", a wise school-paper photographer. Her comedic timing and biting delivery are still there, and this time she gets to act a bit more her age, which is a nice contrast to her very adult turn in Kick Ass. 

Overall, DOAWK recieves a well-earned thumbs up from me. Let's be honest, it's no Schindler's List, but if you're looking for a fun summer flick, then give this a whirl. 

Off to mend that stitch in my side,


PS - Comment and let me know what guys think. What this movie a funny reminder of the past or a nauseating dose of nostalgia?


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