Sunday, May 30, 2010


I had my first final today and i swear to god for the past 4 years every time i choose not to memorize something it end up being on the exam. And it's never in the actual book!! and when i want to ask a question all the teacher does is read it to me, i passed reading in elementary i wanna know what the question wants me to answer!! -.- (so annoying) For now im off trying to find new ways to procrastinate, hope you all do great on your finals :)


This list was compiled by a Yale Study and cited by Crayola Crayons..

20 Most Recognized Smell in the World:

1. Coffee [best smell ever]
2. Peanut butter
3. Vicks VapoRub
4. Chocolate
5. Wintergreen oil
6. Baby powder
7. Cigarette butts [ what's worse than stale cigarette butts? ]
8. Mothballs
9. Dry cat food
10. Beer
11. Ivory bar soap
12. Juicy Fruit gum
13. Orange
14. Cinnamon
15. Lemon
16. Tuna
17. Banana
18. Crayola Crayons [ ah, childhood ]
19. Cheese
20. Bleach

Whats your favorite?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who is Aziz Ansari?

it has come to my attention that not alot of people know who Aziz Ansari is. No, he is not Kuwaiti and yes i know the name sounds Kuwaiti but I eventually got over that too. He is one of the funniest stand up comedians EVER! you guys must youtube his shows because he's hilarious. Anyway, he's also hosting the MTV movie award here's some Promos and one of his stand up. Now if you excuse me i have to pretend to study for my finals.

Another HIMYM Doppelganger

Note: excuse 94 and her HIMYM posts she wont bother studying for finals but at the same time she wont bother putting enough effort to tell you this is Mexican Ted you must bow down to him (he wrestles robots)
[i too am using this to avoid studying]

Comedic AU

AU is the symbol used in science to represent the alloy gold. You get it, now chuckle.

Honestly, if you're not already watching this show and reveling in the biting humor and snappy dialogue, I don't know what you're doing with your life. Sheldon is by far the star with his perfect comedic timing, and priceless facial expressions. I enjoy this show so much that I might possibly do an extended review of exactly why you need to be downloading it illegally as we speak. Maybe I'll get around to it once I finish that little thing I have to do, you know, GRADUATING this Wednesday.

Off to practice my freedom smirk,


Comment and let me know if you watch the show, what you think or if my writing is powerful enough to persuade you to begin watching.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

True Random Story

Last year at exactly around this time of year i was hole punching some papers to put into my binder, and naturally i wondered if my shirt's fabric was thin enough to be hole punched and if i could hole punch any of my other shirts. So I abandoned my papers and attempted to experiment. Results: FAIL. after spending half an hour trying to get my shirt unjammed from the hole puncher i had to eventually cut a circle around it and rip the jammed fabric out. That same shirt has spent this year stuffed under a couch, and has not been uncovered till this very day (then carefully hidden into another part of the house). Moral of the post: never EVER attempt to hole punch you shirt because you will wast time unjamming it and time hiding your shame then a year later you will spend even more time writing a post illustrating what an idiot you are. Enjoy!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Freedom of speech issue continued

p.s: not only is this depressing my body chose this particular day to make me feel like someone is repeatedly jumping on my brain. I hope your day is a hell of alot better than mine ..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Freedom To Be An Ass

**If you check out the post before this one, you will see how my unbelievably sage friend defended her point in such an eloquent and peaceful manner that the imbecile who was arguing with her had nothing to reply with. It goes without saying that this pleased me to no end**

I'm a person that struggles with the issue of faith on a daily basis. No, scratch that; I struggle with faith on an hourly basis. I discuss religion with my friends, teachers and peers. I listen, I argue and I frequently offend. Sometimes I come to some great conclusions backed up by solid points, and other times I just make noise. Either way, the reason I like talking about faith is because it is my way of understanding, and ultimately, accepting the concept of religion. However, I do try to limit my offensive musings to the domain of my own faith. Care to know why that is? Well, simply put:

1) I don't know what teachings are in the holy books that I have not studied
2) Even if I had somewhat of an idea as to what was in there, I would not have the background and understanding of that faith to understand the contextual meaning.
3) It is just plain ignorant.

Newsflash: not all Muslims are terrorist, nor do they care to be one. Terrorism is such a lengthy and complex topic to delve into, that I won't even attempt to have at it. Also, that's not the real reason as to why I am writing this post. I'm writing this post in an attempts to tell the three of you who will read this that we are all human. We use religion as a compass, a crutch and a blanket to comfort us during those dark times when we just need something to believe in. Everyday, I see how a variety a religions usher peace and acceptance into the hearts of the people around me. I must admit I often find myself envying them, because I still grapple with my own grasp on faith. There seems to be something about religion that helps people find the strength to work through their problems. Despite the fact it doesn't impact me in that way, I still admire that quality in religion. Why anyone would attempt to take this away is beyond me. There is enough hate and anger in the world to last through an extended screening of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and then some. We don't need to go around creating more animosity (ahem, Denmark).

I'll be honest, I've said my share of infuriating sacrilegious things and frequently mock what I often fail to understand. However, I do try to listen to what people say (read: yell) to me in regards to these situations, and I think about them more often than they would imagine. To some, it's natural to feel some subconscious urge to disagree with a notion held sacred by a large amount of people. There are ways of going about this and voicing your opinion, but there is a line and even I'll admit that. At the end of the day, we are all entitled whatever it is we want to be entitled to, and we can challenge and debate the things we don't agree with or understand. However, a clean fight is a fair fight for a reason. It is one rule, DON'T DRAW THE PROPHET. I have no idea why some cartoonists can not just accept it as a limitation. If it was ever meant to be funny or insightful, well let me tell you that it is neither of those things.

The premise is simple: Don't draw the Prophet. How hard is that? Discuss the teachings, argue the fundamentals or even question the approach; everything is all "fair game". I like to think we have reached a stage in our global society that allows for discussion, debate and even questioning. Throughout history, progress has often been the result of pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable. However, it is noteworthy to pay attention to the pushing part of that last sentence. Not to burst your bubble, but never has ignorance and crude behavior lead to anything worthwhile, not even for one as great as myself.

Over and out,


Leave comments and tell me what you think. Rock my world with your opinions on this matter.

The Never Ending Freedom of Speech Issue

The other day i was on Flickr and a person asked me to add one of my cartoons to a "U.S and world politics" group. When i went to add it, i saw a cartoon of the prophet (PBUH) to be honest i wanted to do some stuff to the guy WWE style, but knowing cursing him would just fit the stereotype i resorted to asking him politely to take it off. Now please Look at what he commented back and tell me you are not offended, if any of you are flickrers please educate these idiots. Here the link for this particular image.

Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Things To Do While Trying to Avoid Studying For Finals

1. stick toothpicks on marshmallows to make marshmallow people then pretend to be Godzilla and eat them (empowering activity)its also more fun if you make noise like "save us, save us, Godzilla is gonna eat me"

2. fantasize about the school burning and finals being canceled

3. Mess up Wikipedia entries

4. watch jeopardy and pretend to know all the answers and whenever someone gets it wrong,yell "it was (answer) stupid"

5. imagine a life where you are harry potter and the only finals you would have would be on cool stuff like flying.

6. imagine a world where Kristen Stewart is actually a good actress and can do better than bite her lip 100 times during twilight.

7. Ask god for a photographic memory because lets face it im wasting study writing this and your wasting time reading so neither you nor I have a chance of passsing without one.

8. annoy everyone on twitter by tweeting spoilers about shows like American Idol (casey got voted off btw)

9. piss off a random person on a harry potter chat room by telling them "The dark lord should have won"

10. make a list of how to stop you procrastination

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obsessco is Amused

I was THIS close (i know you can see this but im holding two finger next to each other)to relapsing and drinking coffee because my teacher just HAD to give out projects before exams, when i found this guy on p0ach. I LAUGHED so hard, the video is so random but to me this is as funny as it can get. needless to say random Kuwaiti rants *thumbs up*

- Obsessco (one month sober)

Thursday Thoughts

Pay attention to the last line kuwait..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Cult of Twitter

The first rule of Twitter: you do not talk about Twitter.

The second rule of Twitter: you do not talk about Twitter.

The third rule of Twitter: Your followers and the people you follow do not exist outside the realm of Twitter.

The Fourth rule of.....well you can see where I'm going with this. You're probably thinking "What does this amusing allusion to the deliciously violent Fight Club have to do with Twitter?" Well, when you think about it, quite a lot actually. Just the other day I was sitting chatting with a friend, when out of the corner of my eye I saw something that made my blood run cold; in what seemed to be my direction, one of my Tweeples was rapidly approaching. This gave rise to a problem: a breach of the Twitter protocol. Again, you're likely to be asking yourself "What the hell is the Twitter Protocol"? Well, it is an unspoken rule which states that just because we ReTweet each other, does not make us friends in the real world. A sad fact, but a fact nonetheless.

While not much of the online socialite (My FaceBook has been deactivated for months), even I find appeal in the constant barrage of status updates that is the Twitterverse. It's simple enough; set up an account, scan a cute childhood snapshot for your profile picture and tweet away! You can enjoy following your favorite celebrities and stay in touch with friends you don't see everyday. By shifting the focus from lame ass photo albums (ahem, FB) to what is actually happening in your life, Twitter has revolutionized the way people stay connected online. All in all, it's a pretty awesome development in our often-disappointing internet culture. Which is more than what I can say for Chatroulette; forget idle hands, web-cams are the devil's tools.

Desperation aside, there are a few issues that arise with the relationships that exist on Twitter. Firstly, I should declare that some of the kindest, funniest and sweetest people I know (of), I have met on Twitter. However, I wouldn't necessarily go as far as to call my "followers" friends. On the other hand, what is a friend? Is it someone who knows what's going on in your life, understands how you feel while stuck in traffic and is aware of which @PostSecrets you identify with? Life becomes confusing when the line that separates the cyber world from the real world is blurred, leaving one to ponder whether all these social networks are disfiguring our social skills in ways we have yet to realize.

That'll be all for now,


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Rehab = Depression?

I have been known to have a slight addiction to coffee, over the course of this year i have been going through many failed attempts to quit. I was sober for 2 weeks when i decided to give myself a little reward on Thursday. For the past two days i have been going through an internal conflict "to drink or not to drink" (now that IS the question) but at the moment i seem to be leaning toward drinking, and let me tell you knowing that it is the "forbidden fruit" (mother "haramed" it ;p) just makes it more desirable. So with nothing to occupy me, i'm starting to get depressed without my liquid happiness. I hope the Starbucks lady really ends up like in the picture, she's the devil who got me hooked in the first place.

So to answer the big question: To drink or not to drink? you must comment my fate lies in your typing hand ;)

The Blue's Historic Double

Friday, May 14, 2010

Now Thats worth a Detention

and i am spiderman :D

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kilroy was Here

Meet Kilroy! I have been introduced to him by a friend of mine who used it for an art project. Believe it or not Kilroy is EVERWHERE, he's in africa, the U.S, South America, Australia, and Asia. There are so many legends speculating who he is, and who was the first draw him you can check this site for most of them. another funny thing about kilroy? he's called different names and there are different drawing of him based on culture but what never changes is his big nose and half his face peering over a wall. You can find him on the berlin wall, some say he's on the torch of the statue of liberty, he's on spongebob, and on a cover of a rolling stone album, and a magnet on Jerry Seinfeld's fridge in the show. Where else is Kilroy? KUWAIT! here are some of the attached picture of him on some of the locations.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue is the color

Chelsea win 8-0 againist 10-man Wigan last night! Nicolas Anelka started it off, scoring two goals alongside Salomon Kalou, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole with one and the ''hungry'' Didier Drogba with a hat-trick!!

First Premier league title in four years! Chelsea have not won the League since the days of Mourinho. But Ancelotti is making history with Chelsea, a proud day for all Blues. Not only did we win the league, but we did it in style! Chelsea now has set a new Premier League record for the number of goals scored to 103!
Hopefully, winning the FA Cup on Saturday will rap it up amazingly before World Cup, a historic double, wouldn't want it any other way :p
Carlo Ancelotti says: "We had a fantastic season, not only by winning the Premier League but because we showed a good style on the pitch. After the first year, I hope to stay here a long time and win a lot of titles."
Hopefully, Joe Cole stays too. :/
Indeed. Blue is the color, football is the game.

Used Bookstore? Kuwait? Really? :O SHOCKER

After reading the bookworm/ karma post one of my friends (thank you penguin!) gave me a link to a used bookstore in Kuwait, out o f pure curiosity (im quite aware it killed the cat but in Kuwait im more inclined to be killed by a careless driver) as i was saying, after checking out the site I headed down there this weekend. Piece of advice? the location isnt that great so go in daylight and avoid weekends. The bookstore was small but it was a BOOKSTORE :) my inner bookworm was more than pleased. I got a couple of a book the one im psyched to read is "A Long Way Gone: memoirs of a boy soldier" The bookstore was organized and had alot of genres u can choose from. everything u need to know is on their website,, and even though it's small im still proud of it :) Here are some pictures:

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today is the last Premier League matchday of the 2009/2010 season. ITS KICK OFF TIME and its a pretty intense finale as Chelsea battles Man United for the Premier League title. Arsenal try to maintain 3rd place to secure their place in group stages of the Champions League, with Tottenham close behind in 4th place.

Aah, I hope Chelsea win the league :p

Note: meet our new blogger 94 she is a hard core Chelsea fan, I (obsessco) do not nor will i ever be interested in the game but as u knw the world is diverse so i will ATTEMPT to watch the game too even though my brother has already went into emo mode already predicting Chelsea might win :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Simpson's Tik Tok Cover

i honestly think its better than the original music video ;p

It's Been Rainy Lately...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boonaa Mohammed. B R I L L I A N T

ok here's the first video it's beyond truthful and raw but funny:

Ok here's the second one, try guessing who he is talking about before the end of the video :)

comment and tell me what you think :)

- Obsessco

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Judy Deserved an A

"What goes around, comes around" (and its a poor tipper)

Brace yourself, this is a double perspective piece :D

I've lived by the motto my entire life, anywhere else in the world i would have been called a bookworm and left alone, but in Kuwait being 10 and having the ultimate "captain underpants" series stuffed into your locker means being bullied. As far as i can remember i was always called "weird" because i read. What really bothers me is that they ignore the girls with the bee hives on their heads and people who aren't sure which continent they live on but because i prefer to educate myself I'M weird. I think the moment i truly accepted my bookworm existence is when i was crying in middle school and my English teacher told me: "well look at Bill Gates! the people that told him he was a geek and a bookworm now work in McDonalds" imagining my privileged peers in a Mcdonald's uniform handing out french fries gave me the faith that i wasnt weird. Let us not forget that other than the annual book fair we don't have any decent book shops. I'm 15 now and people still ask me why i read, i answer "why the hell not? " Kuwait i love you, you might be the only country that censors chicken little kissing the ugly duckling in the cinema but instead of making students study "why the west view the Arab world as retarded" in Arabic class how about you urge the citizens to crack a book every once in a while?

- Obsessco

Hey there, it's S. again.

Growing up, I was nothing short of a freak. I preferred to spend my time alone; I just didn't understand children my age, and didn't find the "Stuart Little" movies funny or charming in the least. Suffice to say, the other kids left me to my own devices. When life in Maple Syrup Land got boring or there was 10 feet of snow blocking the door, I always turned to books. The other kids may or may not have taunted me for my reading habits, but I don't quite recall as I never actually listened when they spoke. I think it goes without saying that little children irk me.
Just before my move to Kuwait, I was going through about 6-9 full length novels, a week whilst maintaining a respectable grade average. I avoided moody teenagers like the plague; I just didn't have the time or energy to let them know how pathetic their lives would become once they graduated high school with a fifth grade reading level. It's called Karma. Google it.
However, aside from assigned reading material, I find myself having a hard time just wanting to read. It goes without saying that for all the things I am ridiculed for, reading too much falls low on the list of priorities. Either way, it doesn't really matter since the girls that annoy my eyeballs out of their sockets probably wouldn't be able to read the list.
Moral of the blog post: Don't worry when it comes to your tormentors; their high school years were the peak. You may or may not find them delivering your pizza on a cold Wednesday night, and that time they tripped you during an assembly gives you a completely legitimate reason to not to tip their sorry ass.