Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm In Hot Water

I didn't know this was possible, but when did cold water become a luxury in Kuwait? Last summer I was talking to a friend of mine about the heat and what have you, when I decided to ask about something I had observed. I was hesitant to talk about it, because it seemed stupid. I asked said friend, "Why is the water always boiling hot in the summer?" My confusion stems from the fact that back home, the water is only hot if you turn the heater on. To which she replied "It's because the water is stored in these huge metal vats on the roofs of most homes, baking in the sun for 12-14 hours a day."
Um....okay?! Is is too much to ask for a cold shower after spending a few hours in the heat, trying to get errands done? Can't I have a peaceful, cool Wednesday like everyone else?



PS - Am I the only one that deals with this, or is it common in Q8? Let me know, as it would ease my frustration to know others suffer as well.


moodypanties said...

Oh dont worry about it, its everyone :D we never turn on the heater in the summer, and its better if you can shower at night because the tempreature is lower! but theres something that always works for me, when you shower, turn the water to the hot side, and you will see thats its colder that the cold one ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear it's not just my house. It was weird, at first I thought the heater was broken. I asked my mum, and she said no one has turned on the heater since early May. :P
Thanks for the tips, I will be sure to try them out.


Anonymous said...

yeah dnt worry, ur not the only one. I always take morning showers, so just let the water flow for several minutes and it'll cool down.. (i HATE to waste water btw, so keep it low k? :D ) enjoy ur future showers lol

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