Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gleek Chic

It was back in September when I first heard of Glee. I quickly dismissed it because, quite frankly, I wasn't interested in seeing another group of twenty-somethings try to pass off as teenagers in yet another prime time fail. I was still in high school and thought I knew what was cool. As fate would have it, immense amounts of boredom during my winter break would lead me back to Glee, and so I began watching it. Best decision of my life. Period.

Glee is a musical drama (just trust me on this one) with an edge. The show centers around the lives of a group of misfit teenagers, a gel-haired instructor and one angry Cheerios coach by the name of Sue Sylvester. Expect wit, side-splitting dialogue and fresh takes on some of your favorite oldies from the 70's, 80's and 90's. I should mention that the music is so good, I've downloaded all the songs from the show, and have it on repeat as we speak.

"Don't stop believing, just hold on to that..." What are you still doing here?! Get off your butt and start watching GLEE!


P.S. - Comment and let me know if Glee hit the high notes for you, or did it fall flat?


BlackTulip said...

Welcome to the Gleeks club ;P

Did you watch the finale ,, it was GREAT .. LOVED it .. Vocal Adrenaline sectionals songs was tooooo good !!!

Obsessco said...

Vocal adrenaline was too dependent on jessie!! Unlike new directions where everyone sings!

I liked what sue did and what happened to quin's baby :)
Stupid jessie >.<

Black said...

the good thing is that it is officially renewed for season 2 & 3 .. soo ,, yaaay ;P

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for I have sinned, but I haven't seen the finale internet is being wonky again. -.-
However, I am loving that fact that Glee is sure to be on tv for at least another two years. Lets keep our fingers crossed it remains a good hour spent!

Anonymous said...

affah bes affah..

Anonymous said...

affah? Sorry, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of Kuwaiti sayings...


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