Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steamy much?

I'm so sorry I've been so AWOL lately, I've been running around getting papers and University things together and with Ramadan....well, let's just say I've been burning some serious daylight. :)
I have tried posting a few times but Blogger uploads my post.....only to delete it a few hours later. This has been very annoying and I can honestly say I've had it with Blogger. However, that doesn't actually mean anything because the blog is blogge, so I'm left forever a victim of its abuse. Since that's no fun, I'll leave you all with some exciting news I recently came across.....Are you READY?!

MBC Action have bought season one of "True Blood"!!!!11!!!!1!!One!!!!!Eleven!!!!11 

I can't wait for Sookie and Eric and the other vampire (whose name I can never remember ) to fill in the lonely void that will surely be my weeknights as a University kid. Wow, I feel old. 
Let me know what you lovely readers have been up to, and I hope to hear A LOT from you once we all fall back into the grind that is school life once again. 

A dehydrated diva, not.  (Happy Ramadan! It's the last 10!),


Monday, August 30, 2010

The Truth Is..

The premise of "The Truth Is..." project is pretty simple. People write what "the truth is..." about them on a post-it note and take a picture. Simple, but what some people wrote completely took me aback. Some of it was really touching and honest and others made me laugh. It's worth checking out here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's Your Secret?

I seriously love this short film i love their faces and their confessions and i'm definitely down with the bird confession..

Where to?

Hogwarts ( what?! you dont know it doesnt exist for sure ;p) and Venice, Italy.


They need to add one more line to this picture: "Really annoying people watch Zwarat Khamees".
I hate that show. I hate all the Ramadan TV programming. 
I do however enjoy the cops that fire the cannon to annoucne fu6oor on KTV2. I'm old school like that. 

Stirring some hatred into the Vimto,


PS - Tell me what's your least favorite thing about Ramadan season?


Readers i have a confession to make: I hated "the notebook". Yes, i know hate is a strong word but i fully mean it, and while i type this i feel like im betraying my female nature but i have to say that movie was awful and long. It didnt even make me cry i had to pretend to be sad and i cried watching a walk to remember and the last song heck i even cried when Nemo was reunited with his dad. I know this may upset people but i find no beauty in the plot i mean yes she gets Alzheimer at the end and he oh so romantically reads her their "story" everyday so she can remember him for 5 min then goes back to hate him? They dont show you this but im pretty sure somewhere deep down anger is building inside him and one day he just shook her for not remembering him and then she died from a heart attack because of the shock (now thats entertaining). I will never understand people's fascination with the movie theyre in love then theyre angry then they love each then they dont talk then he builds her a house then she becomes a really old lady who cant remember her own husband. All im saying is, a good romantic movie is hard to find these days and so our standards became so very low (damn you twilight). This truly saddens me.

You may now precede to tell how im wrong about this.

p.s: i think my anger in this post is more towards the fact that i start junior year in less than a month and im very freaked out about it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Happened to Black and White?

I absolutely adore classics, classic dresses, classic cars, but most importantly i LOVE classical movies. The black and white forgotten films or movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's they're old but you can never get tired of watching them. Today's movie recommendation? "Casablanca" vintage black and white classical romance granted it's a love triangle it's a pretty good romance and it keeps you hooked to figure how it's gonna end (i wont ruin it). Alot of classical sayings came out of this movie and it's always good to watch something black and white every once in a while a movie where the plot sells itself instead of all the money spent on special effects and over the top set designs. Im gonna keep posting my favorite classical movies but for now if you love a good romance you have to watch this :)

The Bane of My Existance

I hate call of duty, hate it , loathe it, and wish for its creator to drop dead, come back, then drop dead again. Everytime my brother plays that game i have stop my downloads every single time sometimes i just wanna go downstairs and burn the CD and i know it's not just my brother cause all my friends suffer from the same problem i blame my frustration on boys and their inability to focus on things other than sports, cars, food, diwaniyas, and games where they kill people. Mean while i've drawn the cartoon above to release my suppressed anger so i dont get in a fight with my big brother and end up buried somewhere in the house.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's Get Personal

  1. I'm fifteen years old and i dont know how to ride a two wheeled bicycle.
  2. i've owned 5 birds ( 3 died, 2 flew away), 12 fish (overfed some and starved some) and a duck (mommy and daddy sent it to the zoo).
  3. i put soy sauce, hot sauce, and cheese with my pasta (other than the sauce)
  4. i look like a homelesss person if i stay too long in the house.
  5. I want to adopt a really old person someday i think theyre cute.
whats yours?

I'm on Twitter!

follow me :)Looking forward to filling your twitter timelines :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Freaky Commercial

I really fail to see how this sells Cadbury as a product but this is the freakiest commercial i've ever seen i find myself both fascinated and horrified by it.

What Goes Inside Giant Purses

'I never understood why some girl walked around the mall holding giant bags and i always wondered what do they actually put inside them? My sister however is one of those people so to answer my nagging question i took (more like stole) one of her medium sized bags out of her closet and emptied it out to see what's inside. My findings?

  • a bracelet
  • a watch
  • 5 pack hubba bubba sour apple gum
  • an empty sandwich bag
  • a hair tie
  • gummy bears
  • a compact mirror
  • retainer box
  • mentos
  • lollipop
  • panedol
  • cough medicine
  • Emirati money
  • papers
  • tissues
  • dry cleaning bill
and this is a relatively empty bag (shocker) and now i will go back to having a very boring and slow day coming up with more silly and stupid posts :)

What to Read?

1. A Long Way Gone: a memoire of a boy soldier in Sierra Leon itga6i3 galb ya nas so if you cant handle it dont even try.

2. To Kill A Mockingbird: CLASSIC and a really great book, starts slow but leaves you in awe at the end.

3. A Summer to Die: sad book like tear jerking sad (i cry, alot) but really good and i know how the title sounds but its not an emo book.

4. The Giver: extremely thought provoking and really great puts you in a whole different world.

5. Speak: very very RAW but it goes through a person's emotions and thoughts like no other book.

i need to update m reading list, any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Real Mystery of "LOST"

I havent watched LOST in two year but i remember i used to be a huge fan back in middle school so when i saw the series finale was on show series today i thought i should watch it (it really sucked) but all i could think of was "Damn Hurley's been stranded for 6 seasons and he still hasnt lost weight". I mean seriously isnt anyone else intrigued?

I have a few theories:

1. He's like camel he ate so much before the crash that his body started storing food till when he really needed.
2. The island kept him fat because that's what makes him cheerful and he would lose that if he lost weight like Il Jasmy lost his voice when he became thin.
3. My version of the finale: there was no food left on the island so they kill Hurley and eat him till they run out of food.

I know the show isnt the most realistic one but i still dont understand why they didnt make him lose weight.. just doesnt make sense...

Zain... Which Hell Hole Did You Escape From?

Before i begin this post i have to clarify im not really a cellphone person, i actually dont mind living without them and anyone who knows me will tell you that if they needed something or wanted something they would tweet me or facebook or even flickr but the chances of me checking my phone is extremely narrow. Moving on, before i left for Germany Zain sent me the *pay your bill text* which i ignored cause even when they cut my line i can still get it back but when i came back they had finally manned up and fully shut down my line even after i paid the amount they texted me. So i was faced with a dilemma 1. tell dad i didnt pay and i lost my line or 2. pretend im not into phones anymore. So i chose 2 till my brother outed me after futoor today because he couldnt call me yesterday, i told them i was too much of a wimp to call Zain and face the fact i needed a new number so my brother told me to check that i did pay my bill fully. Guess what? Zain neglected to tell me that there were 5 K.D unpaid. Zain i hate you, you are as bad as Voldemort but you're even worse because you dont have and awesome name and terrible commercials and no I dont want to buy a freaking blackberry because i know it wont cost me just 30 bucks so stop messing around. Go back to hell *dirty look*

Now i dont have to ask because i know for a fact everyone has an issue or a story they went through with Zain hit me up with your worst..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movie Review: (500) Days of Summer

I watched this movie 3 times by now and i still dont know how i feel about it.. I cant decide whether i hate it or love it. It's about this couple Summer Finn and Tom Hanson, now im not gonna lie there's something pretty different about the story they changed the stereotype and made the girl the one who doesnt want a relationship and they made the guy the one who believes in soul mates. They movie revolves around the two and go through the entire course of the relationship. At the beginning they tell you that it's not a love story but being the helpless romantic that I am i thought that it WAS in fact a love story ( kind of got pissed at myself when it ended and it wasnt a love story). The movie was a bit long but i have to admit that the directing is amazing the way they shot and made the scene was pretty different even id i hated the movie (which im not sure about) i'd still have to admit the director was a visionary. Part of the reason i bought the DVD was because I love both Joseph Gordon Levitt (3rd rock, inception) and Zooey Deschanel (Yes Man) and they both played their roles awesomely the other part is my very weird friend kept raving about it on twitter.

For the acting and directing i give it a 7/10 but i dont know about the plot itself..

watch it and tell me what you think :)

I Aint Digging it..

I was at the airport a couple of days ago and i went to "That al salasel" for a good magazine or a comic to read so imagine my shock when i find my beloved childhood comic turned modern i mean seriously i learned English from reading Archie it's one those things that should never go modern EVER. All im saying is i accept when facebook changes layouts or when Dumbledore is gay but archie? never! all im saying i aint down with this..


this is an almost silent movie that depicts words in a different way, it shows you different uses of the word and how its used. It's kind of fun trying to figure out which words theyre showing you and i love the directing it's actually quiet fascinating..


Monday, August 23, 2010


I made this painting last year in art class it was supposed to be this Beatles inspired giant Polaroid... I brought it home with me once the year ended and since then it sits there in my room mocking me since it didnt turn out the way i wanted.. so my question does anyone know a place where i can dump it or if anyone wants i'm willing to give it away too :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Face to Mecca

Here aare some of the pics i took in the past week on the streets of Mecca. Tell me what you think! click on em for higher resolution

Bet You Have Never Seen Them Like This..

Audrey Hepburn

Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

Jack Nicholson

Apology Note

Hey guys sorry I havent posted in a while i went to Mecca for 3omra and turns out its pretty hard to get wifi there (and you know im there to pray as my parents generously pointed out so many times). Here are some things I learned while i was there:

1. When a bunch of guys stare at you when you walk into Starbucks that should be your first clue that you walked into the guys section.
2.Never go to Baskin Robbins after tarawee7 you'll end up being shoved and pulled for 45 min for a single scoop.
3. Never listen to your cousin when they tell you that if you go out at night you will "get kidnapped and get your hands cut off and acid on you eyes and then force you to beg" and end up screaming every time someone comes near you.
4. Hide camera from cops with your mom's awesome zorro like abbaya that you "accidentally" thought was your own.
5. You must come 30 min before Athan il i3sha if you dont wanna end up praying next to the shoes outside.

and with that i conclude my findings :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tarawee7 Issues

1. PLEASE turn off your blackberries we're praying for god's sake.
2. If you're bringing your kid do not let it sit in front of me while i attempt to asjid i really dnt appreciate squishing my body and twisting it in painful ways.
3. Though my crocs are hideous i dont appreciate staying for 15 minutes looking for them and eventually finding them on the street that's just nasty.
4.Stop squishing yourself between people when you knw you came late and there are spots in the back.
5. :) ta8abal allah 6a3atkom

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Mine?

We all know I'll forever be a young, geeky boy trapped in the body of a girl (woman?), so that coupled with the fact Obsessco completely inspired me with her version of this post, which you can read here, I thought I make a little list of things I'd like to do at some point in my life.

  1. Bungee Jump: This one is will happen, if it's the last thing I do (Not really). However, I am very adamant about the fact I want to do it in Canada, so it'll be a while before I'm back there. I will let you when it happens though, so you just wait and see!
  2. Attend a UK music festival during the summer: I can't decide if I'd want to do this alone or with someone. I'm something of a loner...The festivals I have in mind are Glastonbury & Oxegen.
  3. Go to Japan and walk around dressed in the local wacky fashion: I have a sick sense of style that is too outrageous for this side of the globe. Shredded tights and black lipstick anyone?
  4. Spend 3 months traveling around Europe/Asia....ALONE: Like I've said before, I'm something of a loner. While I always enjoy an audience, I'm not always comfortable around company/other people. The thought of just being completely alone, in some of the most beautiful and historic spots in the world takes my breath away. Sometimes I feel like this new technologically-wired culture my generation has come up with is so erosive to the most important relationship you will ever be a part of: the one with yourself.

It's That Time Of Year Again...

...Ramadan mubarak (As we say in Canada, LOL)! On behalf of our blog, I wish you all a lovely month filled to the brim with love, happiness and good times.
We are all so blessed, so I just wanted to *gently* remind you to remember what Ramadan is also about: thinking of and understanding what life is like for people in need. I hope this month gets everyone pumped to be a more active part of their local and global community.

Thinking of and appreciating all my blessings (our followers/readers are on that list),


Things I wanna Do, Get, and See in my Life

1. Figure out where this is and live there.

2. Hold a Free Hugs sign in the middle of the street and hug strangers.
3. Get this too and try not to eat it (i have a tendency to do that even when i know its not edible)
4. Do this cause it look awesome

more to come later..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crunching The Numbers

Sometimes I feel like I have a million and one things to worry about; societal obligations, personal goals, academic standards...these things can pile up and before you know it, you're screaming into your pillow out of sheer frustration. I've always considered myself to be a cool cat that can roll with the punches, but it's the things that I can't always control that drive me nuts. Whenever I am in need of some serious release I always go back to my tried and true methods:
  1. Chatting with a friend: I can always guarantee myself a good laugh when I talk to the people I love the most.
  2. A long, hot shower: I don't think this one needs a lot of explanation, and since it's summer in Kuwait, there is always plenty of hot water.
  3. Cranking up the Rock'n'Roll and pounding some pavement: I'm not athletic by any means (Mega-klutz alert!), but I've always enjoyed running. Granted, I haven't really been able to run outdoors like I used to in Canada, but the gym I go to has a decent track that helps me out on those days when I feel like pulling a Scarface and introducing everyone to a little friend of mine. Chyeah.
Punching the dry-wall,


PS - Let me know in the comments how you vent or what you do to blow of some steam.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Think About It..

what do u have to say about that?