Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Peter Pan is The Best Disney Character

Call me a child but i still love classical Disney movies and I always will. Moving on here are the top reasons why Peter Pan is the best character ever :)

1. he can fly.
2. he believes in magic. (when you're a harry potter fan like me this is very important)
3. his arch nemesis is a pirate i mean come on the only way the villain can be cooler is if Captain Hook was a ninja.
4. he wears tights but u never notice that because he is so damn cool.
5. he NEVER grows up
6. he NEVER grows up (i have to repeat this because well he's young forever without having to be a disgusting vampire {twilight sucks!})
7. Neverland is awesome and he gets to live there.
8. His sidekick is a fairy :)

whats your favorite Disney character?

p.s: my second favorite has to be Sebastian from the little mermaid.(he's got an accent ;p)


Hamad said...

Robin Hood!! ^_^

Robin Hood is thee all-time best! xD

Okay he might not be able to fly or anything like that, but he's got insaaane bow & arrow skills! x_O

<3 Robin Hood!

Anonymous said...

hey, im a child too! i have all of disney movies' soundtracks downloaded in my ipod!
my favorite character would be Mulan, i just love the movie, its a great story and the reason i love it so much is that ive been into the disney studios when they were making the movie and ive seen all the characters a year ahead before it hit the theaters ;p

Temon is amazing!
also john smith in Pocahontas aaaah <3

Anonymous said...

I wish I could fly like Peter Pan.


Anonymous said...

whatever, I like Shrek :D

ShoSho said...

Mine are Belle and Mulan.. Those girls have a mind of their own ;)

But I love Peter Pan too, a classic!

Lol at the Harry Potter comment ;)

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