Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cinema Sundays

As S. and I promised today being "Cinema Sunday" i went to watch the A-Team(honestly how dedicated am i? :p). The movie was AWESOME, but only if you're an action/comedy person, in other words dont take your chick flick friends to see it because they probably wont appreciate it. The movie is the remake of the 80s hit tv show "the a-team" (obviously) its about four crazy soldier who get convicted and try to clear their name by pulling some crazy stunts, i know it sound typical but it really is awesome. They replaced Mr. T with "Rampage Jackson" and you wouldnt know Rampage unless you watch late night wrestling like me because you're to lazy to actually get the remote and change the channel, but enough talking about how i spend my nights. I should clarify that most of the action is the unrealistic kind so if you like my parents who LOVE to point out all the flaws in the plot you shouldnt go either(last time i took my mom to harry potter she pointed out how unrealistic it is and fell asleep) . Though the movie is two hours long it's never gets boring everytime you think you know whats gonna happen something else happens. I give it an A rating, buy a pirated copy, watch it online, download it, go to the cenima, i dnt care you have to watch it!


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