Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The End is Near *weeping*

The Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows trailer was released like an hour ago and OH MY GOD i dont know whether to cry or laugh or do both! At first i have to thank Lumos
im ashamed of myself for not knowing it was being released now but THANK YOU! The little computer nerd was amazed by the clarity of the trailer. I had to go second by second because they had so MUCH in it. Everything i mean everything is in it from the book and and the epic-ality is amazing i can almost burst! thank god my family are deep sleepers or they'll kill me for all the gushing and yelling. Voldemort's face is sort of creepy but oh my god i have high hopes for this movie. Oh god i know understand the saying " a child in a candy store" im bursting with potter pride. I am sad though, it just hit me that its ending but my child will read harry potter the moment they learn how to read.

Fellow potheads, how are we feeling?
i'll gush later im watching a live episode of mugglecast right now.

p.s: is it weird i feel like someone dosed me with excessive amounts of caffeine? seriously im feel freakishly refreshed.


Lumos said...

The trailer was so epic! It was even better than I ever expected it to be, and I had really high hopes for it. I'm still in awe from watching it. I'm so excited and nervous about the movie now, November couldn't come fast enough!

Anonymous said...

ambaiiih shakla 3ajeeb i cnt wait!!!! w ulla the other part is a year from now :/

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