Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thing I learned from KG :)

1. On the first day at school when your crying and dealing with abandonment issues because its the first time you leave the nest and the teacher says ur mom is coming back SHE'S LYING.

2. how to con kids out of their candy: when the teacher hands out Quality Street take the best one, eat it, refill it with tissues, rewrap it to make it look the same and switch with he dumb kid who hasnt eaten their yet. Repeat till the teacher catches you :)

3. Dont shove crayons up your nose the smell will stay there for days.

4. how to extend your nap time by:
a) eating everybodys cookies when they are asleep
b) napping while all the kids try to find where there cookies have gone

5. i learned that the hooks on the wall werent for hanging ppl i dont like

6. i also learned that if the felt marker smelled like cherry and had the same color as a cherry, its still not an edible cherry.

7. if you have yet to memorize the national anthem just keep mumbling words to the tune and no one will know.

8. dont yell at the boy next to you for taking your crayon your moms might turn out to be friends..

9. If you pull ur dress up to show everyone your Hello Kitty undies they're probably gonna call your parents and give a "talk".

10. If the kid next to you tells you that the teacher smokes cigarettes dont announce it to the class especially when you dont know what smoking means you'll probably get in trouble.

Kg was a time of growth and disgusting discoveries... aah yes those were the days. care to add your findings to the list?


unforgivable sinner said...

i was a player in kindergarten.. i learned that to avoid getting beaten.. make the most toughest boys in your class your body guards.. and thus. you do by making them like you a lot..

oh boy.. i wasnt innocent.. not even in kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

Don't follow your crush up the tree house, especially when he's running away from you, you might get beaten on the head.

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