Monday, June 21, 2010

My Favourite Pastime

Q: what is better than watching a good movie?
A: watching a REALLY bad movie and making fun of it :)

The Challenge: eating a bucket of burnt butter pop corn and enduring a terrible chick flick.

Contender: Obsessco

The movie: "Beauty and the Briefcase"

There is nothing like this, i haven't done it in a while but trust me if anything can get me out of a bad mood it's this, and this movie was absolutely PERFECT. It had every quality i look for :

1. Has been actors/actresses (Hilary Duff)
2. Really cliche title
3. A very bad plot.

Warning: to get maximum pleasure from this activity i recommend you do it alone, and while you may feel like a crazy person by pausing and yelling at the obviously blond character who suddenly has a epiphany and becomes deep at the end of the movie (reference "Legally Blonde") or by laughing at a scene that's supposed to make you *aww*. It's also fun to pretend that you did not anticipate her falling in love with the "unexpected " guy at the end.

I was completely pleased with myself after realizing that the editor is Joy from "My name is Earl" you would be proud too considering she did not look the same AT ALL. Because i had so much fun making fun of it and i feel generous i shall give this movie a "D" rating.


Blue-Neck said...

I should seriously try that, but I think it would be even funnier with company (more things to point out), I don't usually plan this, it happens randomly (making fun at the show/movie), but hey, if it gets too boring, I can always flash a smile and.. you know what happens then ;)

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