Friday, June 11, 2010

Another true Random Story

when i was 12 i usedout to watch a cartoon named "Angela anaconda" (i still watch cartoons just not this one anymore). One of the episodes was about pen pals so naturally i had to get one, considering i can never wait for a letter to be sent and a reply i settled for a website that has a database of people which you could email via the website (so they never got your email). Now my mother didnt approve she thought all the people were pervy old people ready to pounce on my innocent youth ;p I dismissed this and assured her that it was innocent.

About a month after i signed up i started talking to this girl from Finland it was all nice and cute until she wrote "must be fun to ride a camel to school, how many bumps does yours have one or two?" After informing her that i ride a CAR (imagine her shock -.-) to school i stopped using the site because well, i rarely tolerate idiots (i did however tell her to use something called google).

A year ago i got a message from the site that i had an email from someone, it was *brace yourselves* a reeaalllyy creepy old guy from Zimbabwe telling me really creepy stalker things (my memory kinda blocked it all it was a very traumatic experience for me). I deleted the account on the profile and cursed angela anaconda for doing this to me.

Moral of the post: LISTEN TO YOU MOTHER! because if you dont you will forever be emotionally scarred just like me.

I hope you enjoyed my pain :)
-p.s: dudes i would appreciate comments it'll keep me going ;)


Q80BOY said...


Sorry but I really had to laugh .. people's paisn are VERY enjoyable :P

Q80BOY said...

people's pains*

(gotta love them typos no? :P)

Obsessco said...

i expected some one to laugh about it ;p i just didnt expect them to be so open about it :)

7alal 3laik my pains are always laughed at :D

Anonymous said...

LOOOOL! omg.. seriously?! a pen pal?! i had one once.. when the letter came back there was a booger on the paper lmao..

Obsessco said...

i was 12! and and i do alot of things i see in cartoons ;p

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