Friday, June 25, 2010

Will you Marry Me Mr. Wonka?

Some people dream of marrying royalty i dreamt of marrying Willy Wonka. After the guy who invented the internet, he is by far the smartest man ever. His candy is not only amazing, you can get high on it and and play with it. It is the ultimate tasty toy if you have the imagination for it.

First up you have the "Nerds Rope"

While maintaining the delicious Nerds flavor for those high school students with overactive imaginations you can always imagine you are Indiana Jones and hit people with it like its a whip.

*teacher explains boring subject*
Student: *takes out Nerds Rope and whips nerdy student taking notes*
Teacher: Did you hit you your classmate?
Student: would you like some candy Ms?

and that my friends is how wonka gets you through a boring class without getting in trouble :)

Pixy Stix

Aah yes the only candy that gives you the feeling of getting high during lunch break. One stick combined with sprite, strawberry fanta, and orange fanta can get you a midday buzz.

We Recommend:
the blue one goes with sprite, and so does the purple
the pink one goes with strawberry fanta
the orange one goes with orange fanta

Laffy Taffy:

With this candy you can excercise your arm muscles by trying to stretch it out ( dont let it fool you it's really hard) As well as slapping people it's perfect for anger management.

And last but not least "Wonka Nerds":

Other than being one of the best candy ever made you can see how many you throw and can catch in your mouth. You can throw at people heads in class until they turn around and you can throw at teachers till they get pissed and then blame it on the person sitting next to you ;)

whats you favorite Wonka candy?


unforgivable sinner said...

wow scary.. i was just eating those "nerds" lol.. i love him too.. im a sweet eater thats why he's my number one dude lol

Anonymous said...

I would like to marry Johnny depp too !!

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