Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Nip/Tuck

On this blog, we don't.

Obsessco and myself have decided that with the change of the seasons, comes a need for some changes around here. That's right: our blog will be undergoing a face lift of sorts, with hings we can all hopefully applaud as improvements in the months to come. Our faithful readers and welcome guests can look forward to these posts:

Cinema Sundays: Reviews of films currently playing in theaters. Convenient, since Mondays mean half off movie ticket prices. You're welcome.
Media Mondays:
An ode to Twitter's #MusicMonday, this day will be for anything music or TV related. Expect reviews of albums, shows, award shows and things of that nature.

Toy Story Tuesdays:
Revisiting some of the things/moments/movies that made our childhood.
WTF Wednesday: Everyone needs a safe, healthy environment in which they can rant....OKAY?!
Thursday Thoughts:
It's basically the end of the week, and our brains will be too fried to come up with anything better than random ramblings.

Food For Thought Fridays:
These posts will simply be pictures of food we're currently craving, because sometime a picture is worth a thousand sprinkles.

Don't worry your little redheads though, this is just a loose structure we're adding on to inject some pizazz into our blogging experience. We'll still be as obsessive compulsive and cynical as always. Think old car with new rims. *Cue Hip-Hop music*

Now for the fun part: Leave a comment below, and throw some ideas our way as to what you would like Saturday to be themed around? All ideas are welcome, and let's see you show off your creative thought bubbles!

At ease soldiers,



Q80BOY said...

Great ideas .. keep it up and looking forward! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy to read we have some fans out there. Keep checking back for funny posts for each day's theme. :)


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