Saturday, September 11, 2010

We've Had A Real Good Time

In life, things will sometimes run their course and come to a stand still. I have loved every minute I spent writing for this blog, reading your comments and trying to figure out what to rant about next. We've had a good run guys, but I guess it's time to move on.
Don't worry though, S. isn't going to leave you hanging. I have a coule side projects that I worked on a bit this summer. There's my blog on Blogger, The Expat Files, and there is a newer one I've started on Wordpress (I'm greedy, don't judge me :P) called Running Around Aimlessly. I'm not sure whether I'm going to keep both in the long run, but for now I'm just going to go for it. Feel free to join my insanity on either platform. :)

I love you all, and you guys have been beyond amazing. Know that this time around, words are truly not enough.

Thank you for making me feel like a cool kid everyday,


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Moving

It's been an interesting 7 months, I'm thankful for anyone who followed and/or commented on the blog but i feel like this blog has run its course. It would be awesome to have your support with my new blog.

Im leaving this blog to S. she may stop or keep posting here but the page will always be open.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Want or Need?

Either way, I don't care. I need one of these mugs in my life. I'm suddenly craving coffee.....

Twirling what (thankfully) isn't there,


Monday, September 6, 2010

College Prep 102 - Ring Ring

You're better off sending me a letter. Seriously. 
About a week ago, I wrote a post talking about some of the things I was doing to prepare for college. I got some great feedback, and so I've decided to turn "College Prep" into something of a blog series. What this means is that I'll keep you, our lovely readers and always welcome guests, posted on the things I'm doing leading up to my first day of university.
After my last post, some of you had some questions and so here's me dishing up some answers and general S. trivia. Being away for most of the day means I really need to start charging and answering my phone. I 've become quite stellar with making sure it's always charged, but haven't actually gotten into the hang of answering it just yet. *FacePalm*  To celebrate and commemorate my small achievement, (100% battery baby!) I'm making a tag and the rules are simple; all you have to do share five phone-related facts about yourself. How Kuwaiti is this tag? :)

(Link or leave your 5 facts on the comments section below)

My five phone facts are as follows:
  • I got my first mobile phone when I was eleven. Pimpin'.....I know. 
  • All my phones have been either black or silver. I don't "do" pink and/or fluorescent shades.
  • I rarely charge or answer my phone. I just don't.
  • My current phone is a Samsung. I'm bored with it and I'm contemplating getting either an iPhone or a BlackBerry curve. Don't say it, I know I'm a sell-out.
  • I didn't have my own number memorized until May of this year. The only other number I know is my mother's. True story. 
Diverting your calls and ignoring your texts,


    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Remember How Creepy That Was?

    Does everyone remember that Cadbury ad Obsessco blogged about a while back, here, and how creepy she found it? Well, I think I just one-upped the creep factor with this. 

    Considering shaving off my eyebrow because of this,


    Let me know what your favorite funny advert is, and feel free to link me as well. Another favorite of mine is the Wataniya commercial where the Grandpa "dies" at the end......just epic.

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    College Prep 101

    I have exactly three weeks and three days until I begin University. I am both nervous and excited, but mainly nervous. I'm also hungry, but that has less to do with the fact I'm beginning University and more to do with the fact it's Ramadan and there are six hours left until sunset.
    However, let's do our best to distract ourselves, shall we? Seeing as how University starts in a few weeks, and schools even sooner, I thought I'd share my survival tactics. I am going to tell you about some of the things I'm doing to prepare for the next stage of my life (I feel so dramatic saying that LOL!). So here it is:
    • I have to go shopping. I have a love/hate relationship with shopping, as in I like buying new things but I hate people and malls.  

    • Download a bunch of TV shows and movies. This is to help me out/cheer me up in between classes (Shhh!) because some of my breaks are 3 hours long. Not worth going home, and like I said I dislike people so I don't really plan on "talking" to anyone. 

    • Hitting up a bookstore and getting a couple of thick paperbacks. Same reason as above. 

    • Slowly fixing my sleeping pattern/routine. My bad sleeping habits drove me crazy during high school, and I don't want University to turn sour because of it.

    • Practicing actually answering my phone. I kid you not, when people have tried to reach me in the past, they call my mother because I never charge or answer my phone.

    Let me know in the comments section below what you guys and gals are doing for school prep and let me know of you have any book/tv/movie suggestions for your old buddy S.

    Charging up my soul (but not my phone),


    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    The Schmemmys

    The Emmys aired a few days ago, and it was hilarious as usual. It's my favorite (serious) awards show, MTV doesn't count LOL, because it always seems like everyone who is there is happy and grateful for their success. Unlike the Oscars, where it sometimes feels like some of the nominees have yet to break character....**Cough**Daniel-Day**Cough**
    Jimmy Fallon did great job hosting, you could tell he was enjoying himself! Jane Lynch's acceptance speech was by far my favorite (GLEEK alert!!!!) All in all, I think TV actors are the best; they keep it real and are down to Earth. 
    Oh, yeah...Did I mention that SHELDON WON AN EMMY!!!! Congratulations to Jim Parsons who helped put a smile on my face through many horrible days spent as a high school senior.

    God bless the physics majors,


    If you saw the Emmys, let me know in the comments below what was your favorite moment/dress/winner. Share your love of TV with me!

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Steamy much?

    I'm so sorry I've been so AWOL lately, I've been running around getting papers and University things together and with Ramadan....well, let's just say I've been burning some serious daylight. :)
    I have tried posting a few times but Blogger uploads my post.....only to delete it a few hours later. This has been very annoying and I can honestly say I've had it with Blogger. However, that doesn't actually mean anything because the blog is blogge, so I'm left forever a victim of its abuse. Since that's no fun, I'll leave you all with some exciting news I recently came across.....Are you READY?!

    MBC Action have bought season one of "True Blood"!!!!11!!!!1!!One!!!!!Eleven!!!!11 

    I can't wait for Sookie and Eric and the other vampire (whose name I can never remember ) to fill in the lonely void that will surely be my weeknights as a University kid. Wow, I feel old. 
    Let me know what you lovely readers have been up to, and I hope to hear A LOT from you once we all fall back into the grind that is school life once again. 

    A dehydrated diva, not.  (Happy Ramadan! It's the last 10!),


    Monday, August 30, 2010

    The Truth Is..

    The premise of "The Truth Is..." project is pretty simple. People write what "the truth is..." about them on a post-it note and take a picture. Simple, but what some people wrote completely took me aback. Some of it was really touching and honest and others made me laugh. It's worth checking out here.

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    What's Your Secret?

    I seriously love this short film i love their faces and their confessions and i'm definitely down with the bird confession..