Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy Story Tuesday: "The Incident"

In my house there's a tale, a tale about an incident that my family will never let me forget. While most parents embarrass their children with naked baby pictures, mine prefer to tell this story to anyone who listens. When i was 7, my family went on a trip to Thailand, my mother being my mother just HAD to go into a china store.

I was skipping around minding my own business when a mug touched me and tipped over creating a domino effect that broke the rest on the shelf. Yes, i still maintain that it touched me and i am not at fault however no one would believe me back then and no one believes me right now.

To this day i am prohibited to go into China stores, and even if i'm allowed, any attempt to touch anything i get my hand slapped away. 8 years ago a mug touched me and i was punished for a crime i did not commit.. i shall forever harbor a secret hatred for mugs and Thailand ;)

Unlawfully Convicted,


Hamad said...

Hahahah! ^_^ very interesting concept!

Who says mugs aren't prone to error? o_O

Anonymous said...


ShoSho said...

LoL that's actually so cute!

Obsessco said...

Hamad: Exactly! tell that to my parents -.- toystory tuesday is going to be quiet therapeutic for me :)

ShoSho: glad u think so :)

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