Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Story Tuesday: "Skipping Ropes are For..."

When i was 10 i used to watch this show called "il mo7a8e8 conan " (detective conan) it was a manga about this guy who gets shrunk into being a kid and solves crime and stuff. One of the episodes the crime was that this guy "hung himself" (the butler did it ;p) finding out people can die from wrapping ropes around their necks was automatically stored in my head.

Days pass by and the episode it forgotten till my mom leaves to get somethings done and my big brothers who were at highschool back then wouldn't let me play with them so what does my dumb yet intelletegent 10 year old self do? I go into my room, get the barbie skipping rope and wrap it around my neck while holding one part in the air and stand on my bed. My big sister walks in to find me yelling that I won't unwrap it till they let me play with them and win. My siblings spend the next half hour trying to negotiate and convince to drop the rope.

After that I got to play with them and needless to say that after mom found out barbie skipping ropes were forever banned in our house :) which is prob why I suck at skipping ;p

I'm not sure what the morale of the post is.. But I think it's keep skipping ropes away from children and always always negotiate :D


Anonymous said...

LOOOL!!!!!!!!! damn ur smart!!!!

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