Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

...Since I've had one of these bad boys. Sadly, I don't think they sell Hostess cakes in Kuwait.

Panging with hunger,


PS - What have you been dreaming of lately?


Anonymous said...

hmm.. what have I been dreaming of lately.. lets see.. a Burrito, an awesome chocolate cake, CHIPS, wara8 3anab, and the list goes on and on and on, but trust me u'll be sorry u asked (if ur not already) lol

p.s- cut me some slack, im on a diet :/

Anonymous said...

No worries, dieters are allowed to fantasize about the food they can't have, it's a guilt free indulgence. Good luck with your venture,


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they aren't sold in Kuwait? A collection of Hostess products (Cupcakes, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Ho Ho's, and Suzy Q's) are available over here (Saudi). The packages are written in both English and Arabic, so I figured they were available throughout the Middle East.

Hostess products are teh love! <3

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