Monday, June 21, 2010

Here I Am

Okay guys here's the thing lately I lost my blogger mojo and sadly that's one of the things you can get back by pressing a button on your computer. However after a long session with a friend ( thank you cheez) I realized I haven’t been blogging things that make me the weird yet lovable (I hope) person that I am. I have far more opinions and talents that Im not going to keep hidden anymore! Sure my photography isn’t "OMG" material and my art is not "art" in the conventional sense and my views much like Sue Sylvester tend to piss off people but that's what I DO!

*cue inspirational music*

Here's the truth: I am a harry potter geek who is in love with coffee, can quote lines from movies and acts as a walking IMDb, I get a C in P.E, I HATE McDonalds, I break things then hide them (and if found I blame on the person nearest), I have the brain of a child, and the grumpy-ness of a 60 year old, and I'm not ashamed of it, and like many middle aged housewives I learned everything about life from Oprah.

I understand if what I just might freak you out (im one of a kind for a reason), but if you like what you just read and want to hear about my escapades or make fun of my art you are welcome to hit the follow button on the right side or pop in and lend me your opinion every once in a while..

*cue applause*

p.s: we're all freaks, I say embrace it ;p


Bader said...

It's "IMDb" and I'm even worse than you, don't get me started ;P

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