Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Story Tuesday: "Skipping Ropes are For..."

When i was 10 i used to watch this show called "il mo7a8e8 conan " (detective conan) it was a manga about this guy who gets shrunk into being a kid and solves crime and stuff. One of the episodes the crime was that this guy "hung himself" (the butler did it ;p) finding out people can die from wrapping ropes around their necks was automatically stored in my head.

Days pass by and the episode it forgotten till my mom leaves to get somethings done and my big brothers who were at highschool back then wouldn't let me play with them so what does my dumb yet intelletegent 10 year old self do? I go into my room, get the barbie skipping rope and wrap it around my neck while holding one part in the air and stand on my bed. My big sister walks in to find me yelling that I won't unwrap it till they let me play with them and win. My siblings spend the next half hour trying to negotiate and convince to drop the rope.

After that I got to play with them and needless to say that after mom found out barbie skipping ropes were forever banned in our house :) which is prob why I suck at skipping ;p

I'm not sure what the morale of the post is.. But I think it's keep skipping ropes away from children and always always negotiate :D



The End is Near *weeping*

The Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows trailer was released like an hour ago and OH MY GOD i dont know whether to cry or laugh or do both! At first i have to thank Lumos
im ashamed of myself for not knowing it was being released now but THANK YOU! The little computer nerd was amazed by the clarity of the trailer. I had to go second by second because they had so MUCH in it. Everything i mean everything is in it from the book and and the epic-ality is amazing i can almost burst! thank god my family are deep sleepers or they'll kill me for all the gushing and yelling. Voldemort's face is sort of creepy but oh my god i have high hopes for this movie. Oh god i know understand the saying " a child in a candy store" im bursting with potter pride. I am sad though, it just hit me that its ending but my child will read harry potter the moment they learn how to read.

Fellow potheads, how are we feeling?
i'll gush later im watching a live episode of mugglecast right now.

p.s: is it weird i feel like someone dosed me with excessive amounts of caffeine? seriously im feel freakishly refreshed.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thing I learned from KG :)

1. On the first day at school when your crying and dealing with abandonment issues because its the first time you leave the nest and the teacher says ur mom is coming back SHE'S LYING.

2. how to con kids out of their candy: when the teacher hands out Quality Street take the best one, eat it, refill it with tissues, rewrap it to make it look the same and switch with he dumb kid who hasnt eaten their yet. Repeat till the teacher catches you :)

3. Dont shove crayons up your nose the smell will stay there for days.

4. how to extend your nap time by:
a) eating everybodys cookies when they are asleep
b) napping while all the kids try to find where there cookies have gone

5. i learned that the hooks on the wall werent for hanging ppl i dont like

6. i also learned that if the felt marker smelled like cherry and had the same color as a cherry, its still not an edible cherry.

7. if you have yet to memorize the national anthem just keep mumbling words to the tune and no one will know.

8. dont yell at the boy next to you for taking your crayon your moms might turn out to be friends..

9. If you pull ur dress up to show everyone your Hello Kitty undies they're probably gonna call your parents and give a "talk".

10. If the kid next to you tells you that the teacher smokes cigarettes dont announce it to the class especially when you dont know what smoking means you'll probably get in trouble.

Kg was a time of growth and disgusting discoveries... aah yes those were the days. care to add your findings to the list?

The Truth Behind The Hair

Ever wonder why Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, always looks like he is in dire need of a shower?

Well, the truth has finally revealed itself. Enjoy.

Out to chill with my playahs,


PS - Let me know if it made you laugh as much as it made me laugh. Who knew Tom Cruise had it in him to be cool again?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Will you Marry Me Mr. Wonka?

Some people dream of marrying royalty i dreamt of marrying Willy Wonka. After the guy who invented the internet, he is by far the smartest man ever. His candy is not only amazing, you can get high on it and and play with it. It is the ultimate tasty toy if you have the imagination for it.

First up you have the "Nerds Rope"

While maintaining the delicious Nerds flavor for those high school students with overactive imaginations you can always imagine you are Indiana Jones and hit people with it like its a whip.

*teacher explains boring subject*
Student: *takes out Nerds Rope and whips nerdy student taking notes*
Teacher: Did you hit you your classmate?
Student: would you like some candy Ms?

and that my friends is how wonka gets you through a boring class without getting in trouble :)

Pixy Stix

Aah yes the only candy that gives you the feeling of getting high during lunch break. One stick combined with sprite, strawberry fanta, and orange fanta can get you a midday buzz.

We Recommend:
the blue one goes with sprite, and so does the purple
the pink one goes with strawberry fanta
the orange one goes with orange fanta

Laffy Taffy:

With this candy you can excercise your arm muscles by trying to stretch it out ( dont let it fool you it's really hard) As well as slapping people it's perfect for anger management.

And last but not least "Wonka Nerds":

Other than being one of the best candy ever made you can see how many you throw and can catch in your mouth. You can throw at people heads in class until they turn around and you can throw at teachers till they get pissed and then blame it on the person sitting next to you ;)

whats you favorite Wonka candy?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glozell''s Translates Ke$ha

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dont Mess With a Classic

I am a die hard movie addict but nothing pisses me off more than a book adaptation that changes the entire story or a really bad remake. "The Karate Kid" remake was one of those two. Don't get me wrong the movie was enjoyable and sort of funny but here are the top things that bugged me about it:

1. The movie is called KARATE kid not KUNG FU Kid the title should reflect the movie would be great if all the characters were not 12 for the story to be believable.

3. If this movie was supposed to be for kids i dont understand why Mr. Han (Mr. Miyagi) has to get drunk on chinease whiskey and bash a car that was depressing.

4. Hiring an accent coach wouldve been a good idea because i seriously could not take the bully seriously.

5. I know its a remake and the plot should be the same but they should have kept "Wax on/ Wax off" that line is GOLD.

6. DO NOT play lady gaga on a PG movie that's just bad parenting i get it's dance dance revolution but they could always put a disney song god knows those arent that innocent anymore.

7. Jayden's cornrows are cool but im pretty sure that's not the first time Chinese people see them for god's sake why do they keep asking to touch his hair that's pure RACIST!

and the most annoying thing is:

8. YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE CRANE: the last moment of karate kid where he does the crane move that's when everything comes together! you have to at least respect that instead they give you a lame snake move , not cool Jayden Smith.

point is my children will see the original and if one of them dares claiming this is the better version i will disown them.

what did you guys think of the movie?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story Tuesday: "MOMMY I BURNT UR SHOES"

Brace yourselves this is a long one..

Technically this isn't a "childhood/toy story" story since it happened last week but i still consider myself as a child so :)

Here it goes: last week i was completely and utterly B.O.R.E.D so i did what i usually do, i opened my "crafts cabinet" (its filled with art supplies that i randomly buy) and i decided to plaster something, my friend suggested i plaster a heel so thats what i did. BUT the trouble is i didnt have an old heel (with my clumsiness i rarely buy them) I asked my mother for one and i told her i would try my best not to ruin it.

So i followed the instructions and covered it with Vaseline first so when the plaster dries i can take it off easier and less messier. After i did one side i decided to put it in the microwave because the INSTRUCTIONS said it would dry faster. turns out leather+ microwave+ plaster = not good!

After smelling burnt/melted leather i pried the microwave open to see what went wrong (in my defense i left the kitchen for a couple of seconds) The heel was so hot i picked up and threw at the nearest counter. Between the smell and the little burnt part my survival instincts told me to hide the evidence and flee the scene of the crime. I tested the water by telling my mom what happened, when i saw her face, i laughed and said it was a joke (im a chicken dnt judge me!)

I finished plastering the heel and spent hours trying to hide the burned part, let me tell u smth heels are hard to plaster! when it dried (the natural way) i didnt know what to do with it now that its done. Untill i decided to collage it some of my friends liked others hated it, you decide :)
here's the real one, the one i made, and then the sides after collaging :

My mother's heel.

The one i made out of plaster.

Side A

Side B

The Back
The Interior (cut fabric from an old shirt)

I know that life is tough so worry when the sun comes up

A couple of years ago, a psychologist did a study about people who attempted suicide by throwing themselves off the Golden Gate Bridge. 70% answered that halfway through the fall they realized that all their problems had a solution and everything that pushed them to commit suicide could be fixed.

The picture above is a giant cartoon strip I made. The message is clear: whatever you're stressing about has a solution; because once you put things into prospective you will see that some things are more important than other so always always always ask yourself would it REALLY matter?

p.s: tell me what you think of the strip, I tried to take a nice picture of it ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here I Am

Okay guys here's the thing lately I lost my blogger mojo and sadly that's one of the things you can get back by pressing a button on your computer. However after a long session with a friend ( thank you cheez) I realized I haven’t been blogging things that make me the weird yet lovable (I hope) person that I am. I have far more opinions and talents that Im not going to keep hidden anymore! Sure my photography isn’t "OMG" material and my art is not "art" in the conventional sense and my views much like Sue Sylvester tend to piss off people but that's what I DO!

*cue inspirational music*

Here's the truth: I am a harry potter geek who is in love with coffee, can quote lines from movies and acts as a walking IMDb, I get a C in P.E, I HATE McDonalds, I break things then hide them (and if found I blame on the person nearest), I have the brain of a child, and the grumpy-ness of a 60 year old, and I'm not ashamed of it, and like many middle aged housewives I learned everything about life from Oprah.

I understand if what I just might freak you out (im one of a kind for a reason), but if you like what you just read and want to hear about my escapades or make fun of my art you are welcome to hit the follow button on the right side or pop in and lend me your opinion every once in a while..

*cue applause*

p.s: we're all freaks, I say embrace it ;p

Think about it...


Review: Owl City - Ocean Eyes

It's Monday again, so who's ready to read about some media? Just me...oh, you're listening? Well then enjoy.
I first heard of Owl City last summer. Not really knowing much about them, and since I hadn't actually heard any of the music, so I passed it/him/the band up. Firstly allow me to clear up what had previously confused even someone as lightning fast as me: Adam Young is a guy who makes music, a solo act, who goes by the stage name of Owl City. So this isn't actually a band in the traditional sense, just one guy who had trouble sleeping and ended up with an album.
The music may not be for everyone, but if you happen to have a liking for techno or dance music, then Ocean Eyes may be worth checking out. The fun beats aside, what I really love about Young's music would have to be his lyrics. They are clever, quirky and manage to work with the harmonies without feeling cliche. Another major plus in my book is that his music is fresh and original; it entertains with having to rely on references of P. Diddy, or slighty more sordid topics. All in all, it's a refreshing burst of originality and is sure to add some spark to your summer. Plus, he's representing for the Arabs with the Dubai Tower in his album cover...WIN!

My Picks off the album
  • Vanilla Twilight 
  • Fireflies
  • The Bird and The Worm
  • If My Heart Was A House
Off to indulge in a cup of atmosphere,


PS - Comment and let me know what you thought of the music. Hit or miss? 

My Favourite Pastime

Q: what is better than watching a good movie?
A: watching a REALLY bad movie and making fun of it :)

The Challenge: eating a bucket of burnt butter pop corn and enduring a terrible chick flick.

Contender: Obsessco

The movie: "Beauty and the Briefcase"

There is nothing like this, i haven't done it in a while but trust me if anything can get me out of a bad mood it's this, and this movie was absolutely PERFECT. It had every quality i look for :

1. Has been actors/actresses (Hilary Duff)
2. Really cliche title
3. A very bad plot.

Warning: to get maximum pleasure from this activity i recommend you do it alone, and while you may feel like a crazy person by pausing and yelling at the obviously blond character who suddenly has a epiphany and becomes deep at the end of the movie (reference "Legally Blonde") or by laughing at a scene that's supposed to make you *aww*. It's also fun to pretend that you did not anticipate her falling in love with the "unexpected " guy at the end.

I was completely pleased with myself after realizing that the editor is Joy from "My name is Earl" you would be proud too considering she did not look the same AT ALL. Because i had so much fun making fun of it and i feel generous i shall give this movie a "D" rating.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Be Wise: Listen to Bob

Vintage LOLs

US Release Date: March , 2010
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Run Time: 94 minutes 

Despite all the World Cup madness, I set aside a couple of hours this weekend to watch Diary of A Wimpy Kid for Cinema Sunday. I originally saw the trailer for back in February, and noted it as something I might watch when the first signs of summer boredom would rear their ugly head. After checking out the hype, I am pleased to report that I have nothing short of a rave review. 
The plot is simple enough; Greg Heffley is an under grown seventh grader whose ambition often towers higher than his reach, literally. In an effort to try and make a name for himself in his new middle-school setting, Greg goes through one ridiculous plan after another, all in an attempts to be listed as a "Class Favorite" in the yearbook. Do I even need to mention that all of Greg's plans fail with miserable, and side-splitting, results? Didn't think so.

Jokes aside, I really enjoyed DOAWK because it's a hilarious reminder of just how cringe worthy middle-school is. Well, it was for me. If memory serves me right, I might even cop to having attempted a few of the schemes Greg and Rowely (his pudgy best friend) attempt. Don't be surprised to find yourself laughing out loud several times at the many familiar scenarios Greg and Rowley encounter. The producers got the casting down to a science with this one, because every actor fits their role perfectly. From the gross kid to the depressed teacher, everyone manages to shine in DOAWK. Not an easy feat in Hollywood....**Cough**Valentine's Day**Cough**

Worthy of an honorable mention is the insanely talented Chloe Moretz, better known as "Hit Girl" from another personal favorite,  Kick Ass. Chloe stars as "Angie Steadman", a wise school-paper photographer. Her comedic timing and biting delivery are still there, and this time she gets to act a bit more her age, which is a nice contrast to her very adult turn in Kick Ass. 

Overall, DOAWK recieves a well-earned thumbs up from me. Let's be honest, it's no Schindler's List, but if you're looking for a fun summer flick, then give this a whirl. 

Off to mend that stitch in my side,


PS - Comment and let me know what guys think. What this movie a funny reminder of the past or a nauseating dose of nostalgia?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Words are..... Expensive?

John Lennon's handwritten lyrics to 'A Day in the Life', have sold for $1.2 million at auction.

"Lennon's handwritten lyrics to the song, the final number on the Beatles album "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", had been expected to fetch between $500,000 to $700,000 at the Sotheby's New York auction.

The most amount ever paid for Beatles lyrics at auction was $1.25 million in 2005 for 'All You Need Is Love'.

The single sheet of paper features a rough draft of the lyrics, including crossings out. On the reverse side is a neater version with fewer corrections. It appears that the line "I love to turn you on" – which prompted a BBC ban because the words were deemed to be a reference to taking drugs – was added later.

Rolling Stone magazine listed "A Day in the Life" at No. 26 in its compilation of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. "Sgt. Pepper" won four Grammy awards in 1968.

1. do you think they knew that one day it would be worth that?

2. someone had a little too much money to spend..

A Photo A Day

Jamie Livingston chronicled nearly every single day of his life in Polaroids, from 1979 to 1997, until he passed away from illness. very moving.

18 years,
6389 days,
$1 per photo,
The results are priceless.

here's the link.

p.s: it's really cool if you check out the picture he took on your birthday thats what i did.

via cafeq8

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Trailer

what do u guys think? I honestly didnt like the second one as much as the first.. and aslan annoys me soo much! I keep expecting a scene where they find he ate the rat and its tail hanging outside of his mouth ;p

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Food

ok so technically i cant crave it if ive never had it.. But COME ON its a cupcake shaped like a freaking PANDA!! and how fun would it be to pretend ur Godzilla and devour it?

It's a masterpiece, just looking at it makes me want to freeze it and hang it somewhere (dont judge me i appreciate art ;p)

p.s: aren't pandas the most un-racist animals ever? they're black, white, AND Asian ;p.

It's Been Awhile...

...Since I've had one of these bad boys. Sadly, I don't think they sell Hostess cakes in Kuwait.

Panging with hunger,


PS - What have you been dreaming of lately?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heat+Boredom= Creativity?

I haven't been able to draw any cartoon for a while now, and finally after a six hour nap my brain has finally cooperated even if its bad quality..

what do u guys think? ;p creative? yes? no?

just trying to capture our climate :)

Review: Owl City - Ocean Eyes

It's Monday again, so who's ready to read about some media? Just me...oh, you're listening? Well then enjoy.
I first heard of Owl City last summer. Not really knowing much about them, and since I hadn't actually heard any of the music, so I passed it/him/the band up. Firstly allow me to clear up what had previously confused even someone as lightning fast as me: Adam Young is a guy who makes music, a solo act, who goes by the stage name of Owl City. So this isn't actually a band in the traditional sense, just one guy who had trouble sleeping and ended up with an album.
The music may not be for everyone, but if you happen to have a liking for techno or dance music, then Ocean Eyes may be worth checking out. The fun beats aside, what I really love about Young's music would have to be his lyrics. They are clever, quirky and manage to work with the harmonies without feeling cliche. Another major plus in my book is that his music is fresh and original; it entertains with having to rely on references of P. Diddy, or slight more sordid topics. All in all, it's a refreshing burst of originality and is sure to add some spark to your summer. Plus, he's representing for the Arabs with the Dubai Tower in his album cover...WIN!

My Picks off the album
  • Vanilla Twilight 
  • Fireflies
  • The Bird and The Worm
  • If My Heart Was A House
Off to indulge in a cup of atmosphere,


PS - Comment and let me know what you thought of the music. Hit or miss? 

Think about it...


Tea Time

It's Thursday, which means several things:
  1. I am exhausted, for no reason other than it being Thursday
  2. I am bored, and unsatisfied with how another precious week of summer went by
  3. I've been having these...thoughts.
Yes, you guessed correctly; today is our first official "Thursday Thoughts" following our newer (and dare I say cooler?) scheduling. Don't get me wrong, myself and Obsessco are thrilled we have a few more readers and (always welcome) guests, but I've been finding it difficult to become excited over anything these days. Which would have meant nothing to blog about for today, except that I've stumbled upon a small reason to get excited again: Tea.
Specifically, a homemade mixture of red and green tea leaves, brought to a simmer in a delicate china teapot, served in an equally delicate china teacup. I know you're thinking that as a Kuwaiti I should have been drinking tea from the time I could crawl, but alas I never felt the sway tea seemed to have over so many Kuwaiti's, Middle-Easterners and Brits. Something shifted within me, and Sunday morning I made a pot for myself....and I have been loving it ever since. My only qualm is that I have discovered my love for this old favorite in one of the hottest summer spots in the world. Just my luck.

Off to capture a leprechaun (for luck, gold or an itty-bitty suit...who knows?),


PS - Let me know what you have been loving lately. Is it something you're familiar with or something completely new?

I'm In Hot Water

I didn't know this was possible, but when did cold water become a luxury in Kuwait? Last summer I was talking to a friend of mine about the heat and what have you, when I decided to ask about something I had observed. I was hesitant to talk about it, because it seemed stupid. I asked said friend, "Why is the water always boiling hot in the summer?" My confusion stems from the fact that back home, the water is only hot if you turn the heater on. To which she replied "It's because the water is stored in these huge metal vats on the roofs of most homes, baking in the sun for 12-14 hours a day."
Um....okay?! Is is too much to ask for a cold shower after spending a few hours in the heat, trying to get errands done? Can't I have a peaceful, cool Wednesday like everyone else?



PS - Am I the only one that deals with this, or is it common in Q8? Let me know, as it would ease my frustration to know others suffer as well.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Peter Pan is The Best Disney Character

Call me a child but i still love classical Disney movies and I always will. Moving on here are the top reasons why Peter Pan is the best character ever :)

1. he can fly.
2. he believes in magic. (when you're a harry potter fan like me this is very important)
3. his arch nemesis is a pirate i mean come on the only way the villain can be cooler is if Captain Hook was a ninja.
4. he wears tights but u never notice that because he is so damn cool.
5. he NEVER grows up
6. he NEVER grows up (i have to repeat this because well he's young forever without having to be a disgusting vampire {twilight sucks!})
7. Neverland is awesome and he gets to live there.
8. His sidekick is a fairy :)

whats your favorite Disney character?

p.s: my second favorite has to be Sebastian from the little mermaid.(he's got an accent ;p)

The Singing Mailbox

Actually, you should sue me because that title is totally misleading. This isn't Glee you know.
I'm just dropping by to let anyone interested know that if you left a comment on a post and never got a reply, it might be worth checking back. I've finally figured out how to reply to comments (really, the applause isn't necessary) and so found some time to hit y'all up with my polarizing views.
Lastly, we're changing "WTF Wednesday" to Whiney Wednesday" since it is summer and even I can't be a grouch all the time.

Off to laugh at England's shameful tie with the US,


Media Monday...Take One

Apologies for the tardy behavior in regards to our new scheduling, but it appears that Blogger and Twitter ran off together yesterday in what I can only imagine was a bout of rebellion. This grievance caused varying degrees of frustration and boredom for yours truly. What with both Blogger and Twitter not working, I was left with nothing to do but aimlessly roam YouTube. While browsing through some of my "vintage" favorites (Just typing that makes me feel old), I came across this song, an undeniable classic.
Stan is a song by Eminem that I dug up from the days when his music was, you know, actually worth listening to. A gritty ballad recounting how one fan's obsession unfolds into the disparaging demise of several lives, this performance of Stan really captured the raw emotion that Eminem was known for in his earlier work. This intensity was the trait that set him apart from so many, and bestowed upon him the street cred that ultimately allowed for his place in Hip Hop history.

Off to trek 8 miles towards a kingdom of nostalgia,


PS - Comment and let me know what some of your favorite songs/performances are and why they stand out to you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy Story Tuesday: "The Incident"

In my house there's a tale, a tale about an incident that my family will never let me forget. While most parents embarrass their children with naked baby pictures, mine prefer to tell this story to anyone who listens. When i was 7, my family went on a trip to Thailand, my mother being my mother just HAD to go into a china store.

I was skipping around minding my own business when a mug touched me and tipped over creating a domino effect that broke the rest on the shelf. Yes, i still maintain that it touched me and i am not at fault however no one would believe me back then and no one believes me right now.

To this day i am prohibited to go into China stores, and even if i'm allowed, any attempt to touch anything i get my hand slapped away. 8 years ago a mug touched me and i was punished for a crime i did not commit.. i shall forever harbor a secret hatred for mugs and Thailand ;)

Unlawfully Convicted,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cinema Sundays

As S. and I promised today being "Cinema Sunday" i went to watch the A-Team(honestly how dedicated am i? :p). The movie was AWESOME, but only if you're an action/comedy person, in other words dont take your chick flick friends to see it because they probably wont appreciate it. The movie is the remake of the 80s hit tv show "the a-team" (obviously) its about four crazy soldier who get convicted and try to clear their name by pulling some crazy stunts, i know it sound typical but it really is awesome. They replaced Mr. T with "Rampage Jackson" and you wouldnt know Rampage unless you watch late night wrestling like me because you're to lazy to actually get the remote and change the channel, but enough talking about how i spend my nights. I should clarify that most of the action is the unrealistic kind so if you like my parents who LOVE to point out all the flaws in the plot you shouldnt go either(last time i took my mom to harry potter she pointed out how unrealistic it is and fell asleep) . Though the movie is two hours long it's never gets boring everytime you think you know whats gonna happen something else happens. I give it an A rating, buy a pirated copy, watch it online, download it, go to the cenima, i dnt care you have to watch it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kimmel is Handsome :)

NEVER gets old :D NEVER fails to crack me up.

After 50 Yrs...

Batman and Robin



Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Nip/Tuck

On this blog, we don't.

Obsessco and myself have decided that with the change of the seasons, comes a need for some changes around here. That's right: our blog will be undergoing a face lift of sorts, with hings we can all hopefully applaud as improvements in the months to come. Our faithful readers and welcome guests can look forward to these posts:

Cinema Sundays: Reviews of films currently playing in theaters. Convenient, since Mondays mean half off movie ticket prices. You're welcome.
Media Mondays:
An ode to Twitter's #MusicMonday, this day will be for anything music or TV related. Expect reviews of albums, shows, award shows and things of that nature.

Toy Story Tuesdays:
Revisiting some of the things/moments/movies that made our childhood.
WTF Wednesday: Everyone needs a safe, healthy environment in which they can rant....OKAY?!
Thursday Thoughts:
It's basically the end of the week, and our brains will be too fried to come up with anything better than random ramblings.

Food For Thought Fridays:
These posts will simply be pictures of food we're currently craving, because sometime a picture is worth a thousand sprinkles.

Don't worry your little redheads though, this is just a loose structure we're adding on to inject some pizazz into our blogging experience. We'll still be as obsessive compulsive and cynical as always. Think old car with new rims. *Cue Hip-Hop music*

Now for the fun part: Leave a comment below, and throw some ideas our way as to what you would like Saturday to be themed around? All ideas are welcome, and let's see you show off your creative thought bubbles!

At ease soldiers,



As most of you know (yes i found out some people dnt) today was the kick off for the world cup, before i go further you guys must know two things.

1. I'm not a big soccer fan.
2. Drogba is awesome.

Now that we established that we can move on, i have to ask how psyched is everyone for the world cup? Sure, kuwait MIGHT never win (they can one day you never know ;p) and who do you think will win? who are you cheering for? I personally wanted to Ivory Coast because Drogba played for them ( im a sucker for epic names) but now that he broke his arm... Im cheering for spain and argentina because... why not? (they have cool names too, thats mostly my reason)

Another true Random Story

when i was 12 i usedout to watch a cartoon named "Angela anaconda" (i still watch cartoons just not this one anymore). One of the episodes was about pen pals so naturally i had to get one, considering i can never wait for a letter to be sent and a reply i settled for a website that has a database of people which you could email via the website (so they never got your email). Now my mother didnt approve she thought all the people were pervy old people ready to pounce on my innocent youth ;p I dismissed this and assured her that it was innocent.

About a month after i signed up i started talking to this girl from Finland it was all nice and cute until she wrote "must be fun to ride a camel to school, how many bumps does yours have one or two?" After informing her that i ride a CAR (imagine her shock -.-) to school i stopped using the site because well, i rarely tolerate idiots (i did however tell her to use something called google).

A year ago i got a message from the site that i had an email from someone, it was *brace yourselves* a reeaalllyy creepy old guy from Zimbabwe telling me really creepy stalker things (my memory kinda blocked it all it was a very traumatic experience for me). I deleted the account on the profile and cursed angela anaconda for doing this to me.

Moral of the post: LISTEN TO YOU MOTHER! because if you dont you will forever be emotionally scarred just like me.

I hope you enjoyed my pain :)
-p.s: dudes i would appreciate comments it'll keep me going ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gleek Chic

It was back in September when I first heard of Glee. I quickly dismissed it because, quite frankly, I wasn't interested in seeing another group of twenty-somethings try to pass off as teenagers in yet another prime time fail. I was still in high school and thought I knew what was cool. As fate would have it, immense amounts of boredom during my winter break would lead me back to Glee, and so I began watching it. Best decision of my life. Period.

Glee is a musical drama (just trust me on this one) with an edge. The show centers around the lives of a group of misfit teenagers, a gel-haired instructor and one angry Cheerios coach by the name of Sue Sylvester. Expect wit, side-splitting dialogue and fresh takes on some of your favorite oldies from the 70's, 80's and 90's. I should mention that the music is so good, I've downloaded all the songs from the show, and have it on repeat as we speak.

"Don't stop believing, just hold on to that..." What are you still doing here?! Get off your butt and start watching GLEE!


P.S. - Comment and let me know if Glee hit the high notes for you, or did it fall flat?

Thursday Thoughts

One of life's unanswerable questions.. but seriously there's no way it can beat it ;p Food for thought :)

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Because its Summer and Certain People Should Chill

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Write the Future

I would like to clarify that i am not nor will i ever be a soccer person because i rarely find watching grown men chasing after a ball entertaining. However, i LOVE when an event like the world cup and the Olympics happen because everyone seems psyched everywhere. My favorite commercial at the moment was made for the world cup its so entertaining and smart. After watching i kept think how they made it and how much they spent so im posting both the commercial and the making of it.. enjoy! :)

"The time has come for players to carve their name in history. One touch, tackle or free kick could crush a nation's hopes or cause them to build a statue in your honour. Drogba, Rooney and Ronaldo are ready to Write The Future."

The making:

Youth Of Today, Idiots Of Tomorrow

The above picture is heart-warming, but I just don't like children. Never have, and probably never will.

However, if you're about to jump out of you chair and call me heartless, vicious, or even accuse me of begin dead on the inside (which I take as a compliment), allow me to turn the tables on you. Why are you not questioning the logistics of the picture above? Where are the parents of this child? Is he even old enough to be introduced to solid foods? Has that water-melon been treated with pesticides? Is it safe to eat? *Insert wry smile*


Moral of the lesson: question and judge your own damn self before playing judge and jury to those around you.

Always aiming to infuriate,


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Positivity to the Max

Someone has a little too much energy and a huge ego.

Meet Stan Lee

Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher, television personality, and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics.

In collaboration with several artists, he co-created Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men , the Avengers, Iron Man, the Hulk , and many other fictional characters, introducing complex, characters and a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comic books. Now you know who he is :) (but if you watch the BBT u prob know who he is already).

The interesting part is, he's been in all the marvel comics movies just look:

The Incredible Hulk

Spider-man 3

Spider-Man 2


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Iron Man