Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dont Mess With a Classic

I am a die hard movie addict but nothing pisses me off more than a book adaptation that changes the entire story or a really bad remake. "The Karate Kid" remake was one of those two. Don't get me wrong the movie was enjoyable and sort of funny but here are the top things that bugged me about it:

1. The movie is called KARATE kid not KUNG FU Kid the title should reflect the movie would be great if all the characters were not 12 for the story to be believable.

3. If this movie was supposed to be for kids i dont understand why Mr. Han (Mr. Miyagi) has to get drunk on chinease whiskey and bash a car that was depressing.

4. Hiring an accent coach wouldve been a good idea because i seriously could not take the bully seriously.

5. I know its a remake and the plot should be the same but they should have kept "Wax on/ Wax off" that line is GOLD.

6. DO NOT play lady gaga on a PG movie that's just bad parenting i get it's dance dance revolution but they could always put a disney song god knows those arent that innocent anymore.

7. Jayden's cornrows are cool but im pretty sure that's not the first time Chinese people see them for god's sake why do they keep asking to touch his hair that's pure RACIST!

and the most annoying thing is:

8. YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE CRANE: the last moment of karate kid where he does the crane move that's when everything comes together! you have to at least respect that instead they give you a lame snake move , not cool Jayden Smith.

point is my children will see the original and if one of them dares claiming this is the better version i will disown them.

what did you guys think of the movie?


Anonymous said...

I refuse to acknowledge its existence, let alone actually WATCH it.

Daniel, my heart will always be yours. I mean, look at those little orange shorts! Too. Effin'. Adorable! Le sigh.

B said...

I haven't seen the new movie yet, but i used to love the original one. i agree with you, a classic is a classic and shouldn't be messed with!

Blue-Neck said...

I havent seen the movie yet but I was going to, hence the WAS. I might still watch it though, thanks for the review ;)

ferocityatyourmercy said...

Everything you said is SO TRUE!
I just saw the movie today!!
The title was sooo misleading..!
N it had its "hindi movie" moments !

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