Saturday, May 1, 2010

"What goes around, comes around" (and its a poor tipper)

Brace yourself, this is a double perspective piece :D

I've lived by the motto my entire life, anywhere else in the world i would have been called a bookworm and left alone, but in Kuwait being 10 and having the ultimate "captain underpants" series stuffed into your locker means being bullied. As far as i can remember i was always called "weird" because i read. What really bothers me is that they ignore the girls with the bee hives on their heads and people who aren't sure which continent they live on but because i prefer to educate myself I'M weird. I think the moment i truly accepted my bookworm existence is when i was crying in middle school and my English teacher told me: "well look at Bill Gates! the people that told him he was a geek and a bookworm now work in McDonalds" imagining my privileged peers in a Mcdonald's uniform handing out french fries gave me the faith that i wasnt weird. Let us not forget that other than the annual book fair we don't have any decent book shops. I'm 15 now and people still ask me why i read, i answer "why the hell not? " Kuwait i love you, you might be the only country that censors chicken little kissing the ugly duckling in the cinema but instead of making students study "why the west view the Arab world as retarded" in Arabic class how about you urge the citizens to crack a book every once in a while?

- Obsessco

Hey there, it's S. again.

Growing up, I was nothing short of a freak. I preferred to spend my time alone; I just didn't understand children my age, and didn't find the "Stuart Little" movies funny or charming in the least. Suffice to say, the other kids left me to my own devices. When life in Maple Syrup Land got boring or there was 10 feet of snow blocking the door, I always turned to books. The other kids may or may not have taunted me for my reading habits, but I don't quite recall as I never actually listened when they spoke. I think it goes without saying that little children irk me.
Just before my move to Kuwait, I was going through about 6-9 full length novels, a week whilst maintaining a respectable grade average. I avoided moody teenagers like the plague; I just didn't have the time or energy to let them know how pathetic their lives would become once they graduated high school with a fifth grade reading level. It's called Karma. Google it.
However, aside from assigned reading material, I find myself having a hard time just wanting to read. It goes without saying that for all the things I am ridiculed for, reading too much falls low on the list of priorities. Either way, it doesn't really matter since the girls that annoy my eyeballs out of their sockets probably wouldn't be able to read the list.
Moral of the blog post: Don't worry when it comes to your tormentors; their high school years were the peak. You may or may not find them delivering your pizza on a cold Wednesday night, and that time they tripped you during an assembly gives you a completely legitimate reason to not to tip their sorry ass.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE! were u really bullied? ;/ bes seriously.. we dnt have a decent bookstore in kuwait, i do completely agree!

Anonymous said...

wow someones annoying..

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