Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Things To Do While Trying to Avoid Studying For Finals

1. stick toothpicks on marshmallows to make marshmallow people then pretend to be Godzilla and eat them (empowering activity)its also more fun if you make noise like "save us, save us, Godzilla is gonna eat me"

2. fantasize about the school burning and finals being canceled

3. Mess up Wikipedia entries

4. watch jeopardy and pretend to know all the answers and whenever someone gets it wrong,yell "it was (answer) stupid"

5. imagine a life where you are harry potter and the only finals you would have would be on cool stuff like flying.

6. imagine a world where Kristen Stewart is actually a good actress and can do better than bite her lip 100 times during twilight.

7. Ask god for a photographic memory because lets face it im wasting study writing this and your wasting time reading so neither you nor I have a chance of passsing without one.

8. annoy everyone on twitter by tweeting spoilers about shows like American Idol (casey got voted off btw)

9. piss off a random person on a harry potter chat room by telling them "The dark lord should have won"

10. make a list of how to stop you procrastination


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