Saturday, May 29, 2010

Comedic AU

AU is the symbol used in science to represent the alloy gold. You get it, now chuckle.

Honestly, if you're not already watching this show and reveling in the biting humor and snappy dialogue, I don't know what you're doing with your life. Sheldon is by far the star with his perfect comedic timing, and priceless facial expressions. I enjoy this show so much that I might possibly do an extended review of exactly why you need to be downloading it illegally as we speak. Maybe I'll get around to it once I finish that little thing I have to do, you know, GRADUATING this Wednesday.

Off to practice my freedom smirk,


Comment and let me know if you watch the show, what you think or if my writing is powerful enough to persuade you to begin watching.


Hamad said...

The show rocks! Sheldon is brilliant! ^_^

A genius with OCD is definitely a twist I've not seen used in comedy before!

BBT is simply A W E S O M E xD

Obsessco said...

I started watching it last summer, it's awesome!!

I feel bad for Leonard though ;p
and the last episode ending was :O :O :O !!

brownsuger said...

Hay Bazinga this is my post about it :)

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