Saturday, May 22, 2010

Freedom To Be An Ass

**If you check out the post before this one, you will see how my unbelievably sage friend defended her point in such an eloquent and peaceful manner that the imbecile who was arguing with her had nothing to reply with. It goes without saying that this pleased me to no end**

I'm a person that struggles with the issue of faith on a daily basis. No, scratch that; I struggle with faith on an hourly basis. I discuss religion with my friends, teachers and peers. I listen, I argue and I frequently offend. Sometimes I come to some great conclusions backed up by solid points, and other times I just make noise. Either way, the reason I like talking about faith is because it is my way of understanding, and ultimately, accepting the concept of religion. However, I do try to limit my offensive musings to the domain of my own faith. Care to know why that is? Well, simply put:

1) I don't know what teachings are in the holy books that I have not studied
2) Even if I had somewhat of an idea as to what was in there, I would not have the background and understanding of that faith to understand the contextual meaning.
3) It is just plain ignorant.

Newsflash: not all Muslims are terrorist, nor do they care to be one. Terrorism is such a lengthy and complex topic to delve into, that I won't even attempt to have at it. Also, that's not the real reason as to why I am writing this post. I'm writing this post in an attempts to tell the three of you who will read this that we are all human. We use religion as a compass, a crutch and a blanket to comfort us during those dark times when we just need something to believe in. Everyday, I see how a variety a religions usher peace and acceptance into the hearts of the people around me. I must admit I often find myself envying them, because I still grapple with my own grasp on faith. There seems to be something about religion that helps people find the strength to work through their problems. Despite the fact it doesn't impact me in that way, I still admire that quality in religion. Why anyone would attempt to take this away is beyond me. There is enough hate and anger in the world to last through an extended screening of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and then some. We don't need to go around creating more animosity (ahem, Denmark).

I'll be honest, I've said my share of infuriating sacrilegious things and frequently mock what I often fail to understand. However, I do try to listen to what people say (read: yell) to me in regards to these situations, and I think about them more often than they would imagine. To some, it's natural to feel some subconscious urge to disagree with a notion held sacred by a large amount of people. There are ways of going about this and voicing your opinion, but there is a line and even I'll admit that. At the end of the day, we are all entitled whatever it is we want to be entitled to, and we can challenge and debate the things we don't agree with or understand. However, a clean fight is a fair fight for a reason. It is one rule, DON'T DRAW THE PROPHET. I have no idea why some cartoonists can not just accept it as a limitation. If it was ever meant to be funny or insightful, well let me tell you that it is neither of those things.

The premise is simple: Don't draw the Prophet. How hard is that? Discuss the teachings, argue the fundamentals or even question the approach; everything is all "fair game". I like to think we have reached a stage in our global society that allows for discussion, debate and even questioning. Throughout history, progress has often been the result of pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable. However, it is noteworthy to pay attention to the pushing part of that last sentence. Not to burst your bubble, but never has ignorance and crude behavior lead to anything worthwhile, not even for one as great as myself.

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Hamad said...

Hola señor! ^_^

I'm going to try to be as objective as humanly possible here so please don't take this the wrong way x_O

I have nothing but respect for you, your readers, and everyone else in the world that deserves it. ^_^

The way I see it, the problem doesn't lie in the people who are drawing the prophet or even directly hating on islam or muslims...

The problem is lies in the retaliation...

Back in Muhammad's days, he used to get hate from everywhere... literally everywhere! Sometimes even physically!

Bes he took it, and he used to get upset, not because of them, but for them.

So if you're thinking "You expect me to sit there and take it while he draws the prophet in unspeakable portrayals?"...

My answer to you is yep! totally! Cuz then that would be us completely following in Muhammad's footsteps.

All these campaigns against Denmark and whatnot are completely pointless.

Retaliation is not the key. Ever.

"But... what about defending our religion?!"

Our religion doesn't need us to defend it... trust me. If it did, then Islam would have been loooong gone.

Your post had mentions of terrorists and muslims...

Well, you know how they portray muslims as terrorists? insane right?

We're doing the exact same thing... one guy from denmark draws something offensive, and guess what muslims do... they cut all trade relations with denmark. How cool is that? xD

The problem isn't with them, it's with us. Always has been.

Muchas gracias señor! ^_^
Cool blog btw! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took so long to reply, but I've only just figured out how to work the comments part of the blog.
Firstly, I'd like to tip my hat in your favor for expressing your opinion in a graceful manner. I honestly think that if more people were willing to converse like you did, we'd all be a lot better off. Even though I believe in peaceful methods of retaliation, I can see the point you're making. I must admit, it's a pretty good one. Keep spreading your message and maybe someday Islam won't be seen as a negative and violent thing that many people seem to see it as.


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