Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rehab = Depression?

I have been known to have a slight addiction to coffee, over the course of this year i have been going through many failed attempts to quit. I was sober for 2 weeks when i decided to give myself a little reward on Thursday. For the past two days i have been going through an internal conflict "to drink or not to drink" (now that IS the question) but at the moment i seem to be leaning toward drinking, and let me tell you knowing that it is the "forbidden fruit" (mother "haramed" it ;p) just makes it more desirable. So with nothing to occupy me, i'm starting to get depressed without my liquid happiness. I hope the Starbucks lady really ends up like in the picture, she's the devil who got me hooked in the first place.

So to answer the big question: To drink or not to drink? you must comment my fate lies in your typing hand ;)


Anonymous said...

Drink ;)
i know ull regret it in the morning bas come on if it makes you feel better at the moment ;p
-Chooch with luv

Anonymous said...

Quit ;)
a7is coffee is distracting and makes you un-positive+ you need to be shway CALM for finals!
substitute it with choc. milk or tea or whatever

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