Thursday, May 27, 2010

True Random Story

Last year at exactly around this time of year i was hole punching some papers to put into my binder, and naturally i wondered if my shirt's fabric was thin enough to be hole punched and if i could hole punch any of my other shirts. So I abandoned my papers and attempted to experiment. Results: FAIL. after spending half an hour trying to get my shirt unjammed from the hole puncher i had to eventually cut a circle around it and rip the jammed fabric out. That same shirt has spent this year stuffed under a couch, and has not been uncovered till this very day (then carefully hidden into another part of the house). Moral of the post: never EVER attempt to hole punch you shirt because you will wast time unjamming it and time hiding your shame then a year later you will spend even more time writing a post illustrating what an idiot you are. Enjoy!


Hamad said...

I think you should hang that shirt on your wall! ^_^

Einstein was curious and he was proud enough to say it out loud to the whole world!

I say hang it! Show everyone that you punched a hole in it! err, tried to! ^_^

Obsessco said...

and have my mother give me a speech about being mature? Although I should mention that I was bored today and I tried with a cotton shirt turns out you can punch a hole througha shirt just not silk though.

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