Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue is the color

Chelsea win 8-0 againist 10-man Wigan last night! Nicolas Anelka started it off, scoring two goals alongside Salomon Kalou, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole with one and the ''hungry'' Didier Drogba with a hat-trick!!

First Premier league title in four years! Chelsea have not won the League since the days of Mourinho. But Ancelotti is making history with Chelsea, a proud day for all Blues. Not only did we win the league, but we did it in style! Chelsea now has set a new Premier League record for the number of goals scored to 103!
Hopefully, winning the FA Cup on Saturday will rap it up amazingly before World Cup, a historic double, wouldn't want it any other way :p
Carlo Ancelotti says: "We had a fantastic season, not only by winning the Premier League but because we showed a good style on the pitch. After the first year, I hope to stay here a long time and win a lot of titles."
Hopefully, Joe Cole stays too. :/
Indeed. Blue is the color, football is the game.


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