Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kilroy was Here

Meet Kilroy! I have been introduced to him by a friend of mine who used it for an art project. Believe it or not Kilroy is EVERWHERE, he's in africa, the U.S, South America, Australia, and Asia. There are so many legends speculating who he is, and who was the first draw him you can check this site for most of them. another funny thing about kilroy? he's called different names and there are different drawing of him based on culture but what never changes is his big nose and half his face peering over a wall. You can find him on the berlin wall, some say he's on the torch of the statue of liberty, he's on spongebob, and on a cover of a rolling stone album, and a magnet on Jerry Seinfeld's fridge in the show. Where else is Kilroy? KUWAIT! here are some of the attached picture of him on some of the locations.


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