Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Never Ending Freedom of Speech Issue

The other day i was on Flickr and a person asked me to add one of my cartoons to a "U.S and world politics" group. When i went to add it, i saw a cartoon of the prophet (PBUH) to be honest i wanted to do some stuff to the guy WWE style, but knowing cursing him would just fit the stereotype i resorted to asking him politely to take it off. Now please Look at what he commented back and tell me you are not offended, if any of you are flickrers please educate these idiots. Here the link for this particular image.


Enigma said...

This is nothing.. There was a Draw Muhammad Day and there were all sorts of offensive drawings.

Technically speaking though, he is a non-Muslim, he has the right to draw anybody he wants. Nothing is prohibiting him, so we don't really have a case against him. And we can't ask people to remove content just because we do not like it, isn't this what censorship (which we are SO against) is all about?

To be honest, battling with him is completely useless. You said it yourself- "according to MY religion",, not his. His faith and his country's laws do not prevent him from drawing, so all you can do is try to educate him and pray that allah yahdeeh.

Let him draw! We are not the ones who get to judge him.

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Anonymous said...

You showed them good!!!

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