Monday, May 10, 2010

Used Bookstore? Kuwait? Really? :O SHOCKER

After reading the bookworm/ karma post one of my friends (thank you penguin!) gave me a link to a used bookstore in Kuwait, out o f pure curiosity (im quite aware it killed the cat but in Kuwait im more inclined to be killed by a careless driver) as i was saying, after checking out the site I headed down there this weekend. Piece of advice? the location isnt that great so go in daylight and avoid weekends. The bookstore was small but it was a BOOKSTORE :) my inner bookworm was more than pleased. I got a couple of a book the one im psyched to read is "A Long Way Gone: memoirs of a boy soldier" The bookstore was organized and had alot of genres u can choose from. everything u need to know is on their website,, and even though it's small im still proud of it :) Here are some pictures:


crazyyetwise said...

nooo way!!!! i'm obssessed with books :) i should go n take a look :D

Obsessco said...

yea it satisfied the bookworm in me ;p u should check it out!

moodypanties said...

I have went to this place! its pretty cool and have ALOT of books, definitly amazing for reader *not me* :P

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