Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steamy much?

I'm so sorry I've been so AWOL lately, I've been running around getting papers and University things together and with Ramadan....well, let's just say I've been burning some serious daylight. :)
I have tried posting a few times but Blogger uploads my post.....only to delete it a few hours later. This has been very annoying and I can honestly say I've had it with Blogger. However, that doesn't actually mean anything because the blog is blogge, so I'm left forever a victim of its abuse. Since that's no fun, I'll leave you all with some exciting news I recently came across.....Are you READY?!

MBC Action have bought season one of "True Blood"!!!!11!!!!1!!One!!!!!Eleven!!!!11 

I can't wait for Sookie and Eric and the other vampire (whose name I can never remember ) to fill in the lonely void that will surely be my weeknights as a University kid. Wow, I feel old. 
Let me know what you lovely readers have been up to, and I hope to hear A LOT from you once we all fall back into the grind that is school life once again. 

A dehydrated diva, not.  (Happy Ramadan! It's the last 10!),



swera said...

you kidding me!? they will show it on MBC ACTION?! the whole TV show is about sex and hot steamy stuff! how will they show it?! it will hv lots of cuts!

i suggest u watch it online better!

p.s. i love the show :)

sweetd said...

What do u mean deletes ur posts?

ThinkingCap said...

Swera - I know right? I think we'll be luck if the episodes are 15 mins after all the censoring they will have to do!

Sweetd - Well, it's strange. I'll write something, post it....and when I come back to check on it the next day or a few hours later, it's gone! :( It's been really frustrating.

Ferocity at Your Mercy said...

Ive read teh books, bt never seen the show!
For once, I think the show may be better than the book version...!

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