Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Bane of My Existance

I hate call of duty, hate it , loathe it, and wish for its creator to drop dead, come back, then drop dead again. Everytime my brother plays that game i have stop my downloads every single time sometimes i just wanna go downstairs and burn the CD and i know it's not just my brother cause all my friends suffer from the same problem i blame my frustration on boys and their inability to focus on things other than sports, cars, food, diwaniyas, and games where they kill people. Mean while i've drawn the cartoon above to release my suppressed anger so i dont get in a fight with my big brother and end up buried somewhere in the house.


angel whisper said...

i just read ur post n i had 2 leave a comment. A couple of minutes ago i just had to stop my download so my lil bro play that useless game. lol i think its a bad infulance for kids 2 play it but what can i say, if dad wont object how could i! :p

Red Queen said...

LOL funny you would post that today

My cousins were just babbling about their guns, teams, trash talking and agreeing on a time to play against each other... I was like "wow, why did I just waste 30 minutes listening to that crap?"

I never knew the game is so popular

Aurous said...

same here!

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