Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apology Note

Hey guys sorry I havent posted in a while i went to Mecca for 3omra and turns out its pretty hard to get wifi there (and you know im there to pray as my parents generously pointed out so many times). Here are some things I learned while i was there:

1. When a bunch of guys stare at you when you walk into Starbucks that should be your first clue that you walked into the guys section.
2.Never go to Baskin Robbins after tarawee7 you'll end up being shoved and pulled for 45 min for a single scoop.
3. Never listen to your cousin when they tell you that if you go out at night you will "get kidnapped and get your hands cut off and acid on you eyes and then force you to beg" and end up screaming every time someone comes near you.
4. Hide camera from cops with your mom's awesome zorro like abbaya that you "accidentally" thought was your own.
5. You must come 30 min before Athan il i3sha if you dont wanna end up praying next to the shoes outside.

and with that i conclude my findings :)


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