Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Goes Inside Giant Purses

'I never understood why some girl walked around the mall holding giant bags and i always wondered what do they actually put inside them? My sister however is one of those people so to answer my nagging question i took (more like stole) one of her medium sized bags out of her closet and emptied it out to see what's inside. My findings?

  • a bracelet
  • a watch
  • 5 pack hubba bubba sour apple gum
  • an empty sandwich bag
  • a hair tie
  • gummy bears
  • a compact mirror
  • retainer box
  • mentos
  • lollipop
  • panedol
  • cough medicine
  • Emirati money
  • papers
  • tissues
  • dry cleaning bill
and this is a relatively empty bag (shocker) and now i will go back to having a very boring and slow day coming up with more silly and stupid posts :)


Anonymous said...

LOL i've always wondered the same thing! i am a girl but i never really carry around huge bags. just a small side bag that fits no more than my mobile, wallet, and sunglasses. But its nice to know what really goes on in those bags ;p

-Dana :D

unforgivable sinner said...

allah jan6atha kilha 7law T_T abee

Eden said...

hahaha come one ..i dont have all that in my big hobbo LOL..a little less

Aurous said...

LOL... I carry medium sized bags but they don't have as many stuff :p

Obsessco said...

u want to be shocked? she wasnt even using that bag today so you have to add wallet, phone, sun glasses etc..

Ferocity at Your Mercy said...

LOL I know some girls who like stuffing their bags with bubble wrap to make it seem HUGE!

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