Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's Get Personal

  1. I'm fifteen years old and i dont know how to ride a two wheeled bicycle.
  2. i've owned 5 birds ( 3 died, 2 flew away), 12 fish (overfed some and starved some) and a duck (mommy and daddy sent it to the zoo).
  3. i put soy sauce, hot sauce, and cheese with my pasta (other than the sauce)
  4. i look like a homelesss person if i stay too long in the house.
  5. I want to adopt a really old person someday i think theyre cute.
whats yours?


unforgivable sinner said...

im 21 years old and i dont know how to walk on my hands or do a side flip..

i owned a golden fish but it went through the drain while cleaning it's bowl

i have weird food mixed like.. lettuce and honey.. all soft drinks like fanta and shani in one glass.. and eggs with sugar

i sugar everything.. i never leave the house without a sweet n low..

im not a fan of kids

thank! :p gonna post it in my blog

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