Sunday, August 29, 2010


Readers i have a confession to make: I hated "the notebook". Yes, i know hate is a strong word but i fully mean it, and while i type this i feel like im betraying my female nature but i have to say that movie was awful and long. It didnt even make me cry i had to pretend to be sad and i cried watching a walk to remember and the last song heck i even cried when Nemo was reunited with his dad. I know this may upset people but i find no beauty in the plot i mean yes she gets Alzheimer at the end and he oh so romantically reads her their "story" everyday so she can remember him for 5 min then goes back to hate him? They dont show you this but im pretty sure somewhere deep down anger is building inside him and one day he just shook her for not remembering him and then she died from a heart attack because of the shock (now thats entertaining). I will never understand people's fascination with the movie theyre in love then theyre angry then they love each then they dont talk then he builds her a house then she becomes a really old lady who cant remember her own husband. All im saying is, a good romantic movie is hard to find these days and so our standards became so very low (damn you twilight). This truly saddens me.

You may now precede to tell how im wrong about this.

p.s: i think my anger in this post is more towards the fact that i start junior year in less than a month and im very freaked out about it.


moodypanties said...

i have a bigger confession! i havent SEEN the notebook !!!!!!!

Obsessco said...

ooh you bad ;p

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