Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zain... Which Hell Hole Did You Escape From?

Before i begin this post i have to clarify im not really a cellphone person, i actually dont mind living without them and anyone who knows me will tell you that if they needed something or wanted something they would tweet me or facebook or even flickr but the chances of me checking my phone is extremely narrow. Moving on, before i left for Germany Zain sent me the *pay your bill text* which i ignored cause even when they cut my line i can still get it back but when i came back they had finally manned up and fully shut down my line even after i paid the amount they texted me. So i was faced with a dilemma 1. tell dad i didnt pay and i lost my line or 2. pretend im not into phones anymore. So i chose 2 till my brother outed me after futoor today because he couldnt call me yesterday, i told them i was too much of a wimp to call Zain and face the fact i needed a new number so my brother told me to check that i did pay my bill fully. Guess what? Zain neglected to tell me that there were 5 K.D unpaid. Zain i hate you, you are as bad as Voldemort but you're even worse because you dont have and awesome name and terrible commercials and no I dont want to buy a freaking blackberry because i know it wont cost me just 30 bucks so stop messing around. Go back to hell *dirty look*

Now i dont have to ask because i know for a fact everyone has an issue or a story they went through with Zain hit me up with your worst..


unforgivable sinner said...

zain are sneaky bastards.. but i never tried anything else to confirm..
truth is im thinking of switching to wataniya.. what do you think?

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