Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Schmemmys

The Emmys aired a few days ago, and it was hilarious as usual. It's my favorite (serious) awards show, MTV doesn't count LOL, because it always seems like everyone who is there is happy and grateful for their success. Unlike the Oscars, where it sometimes feels like some of the nominees have yet to break character....**Cough**Daniel-Day**Cough**
Jimmy Fallon did great job hosting, you could tell he was enjoying himself! Jane Lynch's acceptance speech was by far my favorite (GLEEK alert!!!!) All in all, I think TV actors are the best; they keep it real and are down to Earth. 
Oh, yeah...Did I mention that SHELDON WON AN EMMY!!!! Congratulations to Jim Parsons who helped put a smile on my face through many horrible days spent as a high school senior.

God bless the physics majors,


If you saw the Emmys, let me know in the comments below what was your favorite moment/dress/winner. Share your love of TV with me!


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