Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Real Mystery of "LOST"

I havent watched LOST in two year but i remember i used to be a huge fan back in middle school so when i saw the series finale was on show series today i thought i should watch it (it really sucked) but all i could think of was "Damn Hurley's been stranded for 6 seasons and he still hasnt lost weight". I mean seriously isnt anyone else intrigued?

I have a few theories:

1. He's like camel he ate so much before the crash that his body started storing food till when he really needed.
2. The island kept him fat because that's what makes him cheerful and he would lose that if he lost weight like Il Jasmy lost his voice when he became thin.
3. My version of the finale: there was no food left on the island so they kill Hurley and eat him till they run out of food.

I know the show isnt the most realistic one but i still dont understand why they didnt make him lose weight.. just doesnt make sense...


moodypanties said...

ill tell you why:

1. its either because he was keeping a big jar of mayonnaise all the time :P
2. or just because they do alot of flashbacks and if he loses weight it wouldnt look okay for the flashbacks!

Obsessco said...

okay the second one makes sense but they couldve made him wear a fat suit or something...

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