Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's That Time Again...

I know that the different school systems in Kuwait (public, private, etc.) run on different schedules, but I think it's safe to say we've all had our fair bit of lazy indulgence. That said, it dawned on me that we're rapidly approaching the PNR of our cherished summer vacation: the point of no return. This means two things to yours truly:
  • I need to throw away my calendar, and cherish my last three months of freedom before university life.
  • It's time to start chipping away at the goals I've outlined for myself during this blistering heat (Yeah...I'm complaining about the heat. Deal with it.)

My goals for this summer are of the simple variety, and list is as follows:
  1. Get into the best shape possible. I recently stumbled across this blog, a Rock'N'Roll approach to dieting and fitness, penned by the former (and supposedly) current love of the magnificent Lady Gaga. I find it a great read when I need to get myself into an iron mindset for the gym.
  2. Brush up on my French. Growing up in Canada meant I was subjected to endless hours of French grammar and vocabulary lessons. While I don't claim fluency, I can manage myself on the streets of Paris if I were to ever find myself there, stranded. Which is random, but it could happen.
  3. Read five novels before the end of August (Magazines don't count). The S. of Canada would have never even needed to make this a goal. In my life before Kuwait, reading was my number one priority after school. However, people grow up and feelings fade.....and here were are, with me having to carve out time time read. To help accomplish this one, I'm going to be checking out the book store Obsessco mentioned here.
Tell me my brothers in arms and pain (This heat is bullshit! Yeah, I went there.), what are your goals/plans/hopes for this summer? Leave a comment and try to inspire me, or you know, whatever.

Off to douse myself in some cool blue Windex,



unforgivable sinner said...

well i dont have a summer goal.. since im uncuppied by anything for quiet sometime.. im working on my resolution.
1- Do some voluntary work (visiting nursing homes. And hospitals).
2- Take C.P.R training (SEE: the Red Crescent activities).
3- Make a paper craft and fly it.
4- Stop saying “Madre” all the time.
5- Master the art of communication.
6- Learn sculpting. (im on it)
7- Be more honest (Honesty day).
8- Answer 365 questions about myself, and write them in a note.
9- Learn calligraphy. (IM on it)
10- Buy a piano. Learn how to play.
11- Buy a telescope. (Check your buy list for further stuff).
12- Go fishing.
13- Be more thankful.
14- Bungee jump.(DONE!!)
15- Get another piercing (ear / belly).
16- Get in touch with old friends, improve current friendships, and maintain new ones.
17- Learn lip reading.
18- Brush on my cooking skills (optional).
19- Graduate. (DONE)
20- Read more (make a schedule for that).
21- Improve my singing.
22- Improve my writing skill.
23- Eat 20+ weird kinds of ice cream flavor.
24- Continue my movie list.
25- Improve my old hobbies (painting, knitting, photography, and gardening).
26- Try to be fast at calculating (optional).
27- Learn magic tricks.
28- Get my wisdom teeth pulled.
29- Throw a party!
30- Play with a puppy.
31- Get a pet.
32- Do a research about hard working people, and find my heroes...
33- visit a haunted house
34- go horse back riding
35- visit the cemetery (DONE)

ChuBBy-Doll said...

thats along list to go lol

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