Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Traditions

I always believe in summer traditions like coming up with an "artistic" experiment every summer that destroys something around the house. That was achieved with the microwave/shoe experiment. Tradition 2: Spend a week and a half looking exactly like the guy in the cartoon in my movie pjs except i have a phone, ipod, laptop, camera, microwave popcorn, and icecream, everything i need right next to me. I watch my favorite canceled tv shows.
Three seasons of Gilmore Girls in no particular order, a show that taught me the importance of coffee and many amazing combacks. This show couldnt be anymore perfect and while my mother refers to it as the "hathra" show it will always be my secret comfort :)
Three seasons of Veronica Mars because that's all they every produced -.- I command you to watch it because it's awesome.

Then after this i watch random episodes from: Greys Anatomy, How I met your mother, Malcolm in the Middle, My name is Earl, and some cartoons.

after this tradition is over. I choose a new tv show to watch this summer it seems to be Brothers and Sisters i only watched 5 episode but it looks great :)

any suggestions?


abdulwahab said...

Watch house its amazing and try glee or the office ! Or married with children or just the easiest way out ! THE SIMPSONS ;p

Obsessco said...

with the exception of the office ... i watch all of them :D

but thank you!

Anonymous said...


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