Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fact: I Hate Asking For Help.

Yes, the above title is true. Asking for help, along with apologizing, are the two things I would rather die than do. However, since my fiery persona only exists online, I find myself committing both sins often. Too often for my liking.
Back to the topic at hand, I'm starting university in the fall and will be spending copious amounts of time around people....people that I don't understand. The thing is growing up in Canada taught me many things, but it didn't teach me some essential skills for life here. I can't speak "Kuwaiti" that well, and my grasp of this dialect is as weak Ke$ha singing live (Still love her though). Add that to my completely oblivious nature in regards to social protocol, and you have an outcast in the making. All jokes aside. I turn to you, my loyal followers and always welcome guests, for some social advice in regards as to what I can be doing to decrease the awkward factor as I transition into life as a disciple of the beast that is KU.

I will be extending this notion into a blogging series, where as I go through my days as a Freshman I'll be blogging about my experiences and seeking help from you, my cyberspace friends. I'm actually growing excited at the concept of starting out on the next part of my young life.

Shuddering at the thought,



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