Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Behold, this my bed the same bed that i've been trying to sleep in for the past 4 hours. Till I finally realized there is no way that i might be sleeping anytime soon :( and yes that is a teddy bear you see and no im not a baby im just traumatized by "chucky" and afraid if i throw it'll attack me at nigh so dont judge.

So since it's five i have been forced to make my own breakfast the very effective yet oh so delicious cornflakes ala Obsessco where i cleaverly add icecream and whipped cream to my cornflakes :) and drinking the elixer of life coffee (this where i REALLY woke up)and since i'm as sober as i can be being the wonderful student that i am, I shall read book and entertain you with my mindlesss chatter :)

And now i leave you with a simple question for the Day:

Comment with your answer for the question no matter situation you're in and any easy breakfast recipes would be welcomed :)


unforgivable sinner said...

well.. oprah wouldnt eat in her bed thats a first.. and secondly..

i love that teddy and ur bed..

:P can we share? :P

Obsessco said...

no way! all mine! :)

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