Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ronald McDonald: Child Molester

Aside from my general hatred of McDonalds and everything it stands for, ever since i was a child i always found Ronald creepy and it never made sense to me why they chose him as there "mascot". When i was a kid and my mom used to put me on the bench with the sculpture of him sitting down i used to cry till they let me get up. Growing up now i realize he look a little like a child molester you might find on one of Oprah's expose episodes. Clowns are creepy by just being clowns but Ronald takes to a whole new level with the creepy red hair and that line going through his eyes and that awful yellow jumpsuit. He's probably why i have a slight dislike to Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. I mean is it just me or is he really creepy?


questionq8 said...

I agree about mcdonald the weirdo and the fast food chain (yuck) but come on Weasleyyy??? rly! 7raaam!

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