Monday, July 19, 2010

From Germany with Love

Travel Journal: Day One

I know I said I was going to be gone for a while but it seems that my insomnia is back and I have Wifi. Okay so my day started at 6:30 where I woke up so early that I managed to squeeze some Prison break before have to change J even though I only slept a couple of hours… So okay il mohim we get to the airport and guess what? Thanks to the fine management at Kuwait 4 planes were shoved into the same gate it was CRAZY. Did I mention im afraid of take off? The plane ride wasn’t bad since I slept most of it off. Blah blah blah we land we get luggage, we go to the hotel, all the typical stuff. THEN the real day began J

The weather is AMAZING the sad thing is my parent are fans of walking L yes, exercise, L but the weather was so nice I didn’t mind. So we get to this historical village and we walk around and what do we get ourselves into? A Gay Carnival Food thing! Oh yes rainbow flags everywhere! Literal rainbow flags!

Ilmohim I'll make this short, my weird findings of the day: they have a MAGGI store like an actual restaurant just for that!

My waitress was this Afghani girl who reminded me so much of that girl on National Geographics so naturally I took a picture of her for you guys .

I found this really cool Graffiti/artsy thing inside one of the tunnels and a house with a stair that I have yet to figure out the purpose of.


moodypanties said...

Enjoy your trip, love the pics, keep taking shots for us :D

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