Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Current Irritation: Call of Duty

My big brother loves this game, i on the other hand want to break the CD, throw it in the trash, and pretend it mysteriously disappeared. Every time he plays the game i have to stop my downloads because i "lag" him so i have to sit for hours waiting for him to finish so i can watch youtube and download stuff. I honestly tried to understand why all the boys ages 7 to 30 play during friday lunch. All i could see was them killing other "soldiers" and praising each other on their artistic kills, is this what we stooped to? And back when i played play station (the golden age of pokemon) u get three lives tops then you die, but from what i gather the number of time you die in this game is infinite! not only that, but you get a "kill cam" to see how you died. So to show my utter annoyance i drew a very retarded cartoon for you dear readers.

If you're a person who plays the game PLEASE tell me whats so damn fascinating about it? and does anyone have the same problem?


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